Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Teaching women how to be a smooth and slick little goblin

The man is a very good school, a woman can teach dazzling tune. Our love is always riddled with problems, hurt by an old and time. Any time a woman had become increasingly carved fine color, and finally she was hard to love a person, if the Who she fell in love, it is good fortune. Because she knows how to love you, understand the customs million species, yet dignified.

I know it is a kind of reincarnation of the practice similar to the fox. In addition to God-given beauty and intelligence but also have a lot of personal characteristics. A woman must first love their re-cultivation, not be afraid of men do not love you, evil spirit no age. Well, we now come to learn to be a clever little goblin bar smooth and slick. Most women get the message that boys tend to be more like the gentle demure woman, in fact, measured against a man must know how to. In fact, this is not difficult, do not blindly obedient, learn anger, learn to be jealous, learn like a baby, learn brutal. You are more difficult to grasp, the more he wants to get closer you are to conquer you. Even if a person's love, love into the heart of hearts, in love when he should have Shi Zhang relaxation. This will have a healthy happy love.

In love, the learn to seize the initiative. How can he love you? First, the fatal beauty remains the same trick. Women want their own beauty and learn to dress up, learn to seize a man's heart. Beautiful, is not a mere appearance, but the process of transforming from Centrosymmetric outside. Legend Kongque Ling is the earth the most deadly hidden weapon, it appears, just like all the flowers open at the same time, bright and dazzling. For anyone to want to live their love, they must make their own as brilliant as the Kongque Ling, let him perfection "he" Gu.

Of course, if some men have gone too far, when you no longer tolerate, you can also choose to use force. Moreover, in the modern barbarism has become a trend. You should always beat your boyfriend and let him create awe of you, if it really can not save, you might actually use their fists to solve what your anger, so that is not not a bad idea, but remember not to hit him Oh, too serious.

Some, such as a woman, as the love life, he is her whole and sole of his emotions and even a sneeze could affects her heart. Two people quarrel, first bow is also their own. Precisely because of this, he often would condone, let him be more proud and arrogant, thinking that you are destined never to leave him. Too many men than women even more creative, they are often not satisfied with the opportunity to have a choice, especially for their own dead set do not know the woman he cherished. Therefore, it should be a smart woman, minus connivance and increase communication.

In addition to his, you can try to contact other heterosexual friends, must have a few male friends, there is no unnatural, can be subject to grievance when you get the chest when the sandbags hammer, you have to help him pursue ideas female friends, and can be the night he was pulling up out of bed to go very far away to pick you up. Of course, the environment inside the corresponding fit to play the role of prioritizing. Firstly, to enrich their lives, and secondly you can use the opportunity to better understand what the man three years he really cares if you, he would put themselves in places to keep a person feel you are isolated when the taste of the world.

Be a smart woman. If a man began to neglect you, ask you to leave him. Do not know how to pamper your man whom not to accept defeat, let alone continue to pay for your tenderness and love. At any time, not to a negative mind sad man, women must understand that sad, the final injury was to his chest. If the man is relentless, and you hurt more than his heart, so pack up sadness, good life. Never-ending you like the man around the turn, even though you like him do about Taoxintaofei of the dead, and also still have to learn to give him space, otherwise you have to be careful Chande tight strangle him .

When a man say to you: break up. Please do not cry and tears, it should be said with a smile: so you say this a long time. Then turn gone. Know what they want, including your love of men. Treat your work seriously. Maybe not as good as the work you love, come heartbeat, but at least be able to guarantee that you have food to eat, a place to live, rather than determined to not love them, therefore, serious efforts to work.

You can love a man, but do not own all now lost. No man is worth his life to please you. If you do not love themselves, how could he make others love you? Experience a crazy thing like, such as crossing the mountains and seas of the went to see a human being. When looking for a good friend lonely chat, shopping, eating. Do not let loneliness drowned himself. If you send short messages to you like someone who does not return. Do not re-issued. 10000 accidentally drunk, do not call anyone, including his best buddies with him.

From now on, a little clever, do not ask him want you? Love your? To you or love you, he will naturally help you say, but say it from your mouth, he would be very proud and do not care about you. Equal and just treatment of you and his love, a lot of foot ship will eventually Fandiao. Also, do not miss the same person 24 hours a day, can be divided a little to the family and friends.

If you decide to leave a person, action must be quick, cut the Gordian knot; if you decide to fall in love with a person, time stretching a little to see if right for you. Have fixed places of entertainment, such as regular coffee shops, bookstores. Let the place of the service to know you, so lonely when you will have a warm place. Do anything for any person tortured himself. For example do not eat, crying, self-closing, depression, these are only a fool to do. Of course, the occasional silly about the need for life is not always wise.

If a man told you he likes you, believe him. If he says no longer love you, but also believe him. At any time, to tell themselves, a person who does not love you to leave, the lucky ones. If any man says to let your embarrassment, then forgive him. Be forgiven a man who will eventually be sorry to lose a girlfriend, like you are so tolerant. Love you love that person, if only you love him, or just that he loves you, separated early as possible. Women do not need others to pretend to love, you do not need to pretend to love someone. If you can, and love of people walking hand. Before the find, then first learn how to enjoy the scenery itself.

In love, it is necessary always learn to be a wise woman, learn to love also learned to calmly face the face of life. To face life, life will certainly be as you wish, as tomorrow morning, the sun still will, as when rising. Happiness does not depend on the fate depends on their own grasp. So, from now on, we are not the learning to be a smart woman out?

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