Sunday, December 20, 2009

Relationship between husband and wife can guess from the facial

Of men and women are a round face:
Too close to each other due to the lack of patience parted easily understood. Can not be added due to differences in phase can not see each other's beauty.

Men and women have a square face:
Is also a lack of understanding can not complement each other and become estranged. M "A" literally, female "with" literally: This man can not afford to legislation, bones are not hard, henpecked, work, fear of leadership; a woman but it is very formidable at home, give orders, work is also kept their word.

Male face, female has a round face:
A man has the stamina, both inside and outside easily dominated; woman caring, able to meet with her husband, housework is also the line is a good wife and mother.

Male has a round face, the woman's face:
Men like to enjoy; wife hard on the husband and wife from the role of nanny.

M "A" literally, female has a round face:
Mr. Lord easy stingy like picky, the total with a woman behind; Mrs. vain, very grandiose.

Men and a round face, female triangular face:
Husbands lively, open and aboveboard; wife attentive, just to make up more than her husband's lively, for her husband when the staff.

Both men and women are thin and small:
With each other as a vine on the two bitter gourd, they can not show two-posed by life, can only be bleak for.

Both men and women, "Shen" Face the word:
Mr. Lord's feelings is very rich, his wife was also thoughtful care. Can be described as Qifengduishou will be met only good, well-matched, so bead joint wall together.

Men's mouth is small, plump lips woman:
Men seem petty, there is no future, with his wife in charge of the family, perform household, family life can still flies Youziyouwei, happiness and contentment.

Both men and women are big eyes:
Both sides are chasing vanity, vanity, waste of life, are more Gaode eventually broke up.

Men and women are little eyes:
Each other are plain and hardworking way, without the use of money does not spend money, the two petty to go together, but a little can save a little money.

Male big eyes, small eyes, female:
Mr. They are very generous, I am pleased to waste, good dinners, but more or less under the control of his wife, and will not run out of money.

Male small eyes, women with big eyes:
Men introverted, thoughts carefully,好想issues; woman outgoing, sociable, greedy playing.

Both the lower lip are thin:
Husband and wife feeling like a friend in general. If it has a thin upper lip, then both sides are selfish person.

Thin lips of men and women lip thickness:
The vitality of men and weak vitality woman wang, so the two among the woman is the man to look after us.

Both men and women face width:
The duo's ability to work are strong. Also know how life squandered, but it will use money to two per person. Both chin are fine: each other very nervous, prone to crash, arguing and fighting and the like often occurs, leading to two final split.

Men jaw width, chin, thin woman:
Strong ability to work man at work can be an officer, woman to do things carefully, to housekeeping so clear refreshing cool, clean.

Chin, thin man, woman chin width:
Mr. Lord good fault-finding, got a little older, and sometimes like to wear flowers clothes; wife there is masculine, but stubborn.

They are round the chin:
The duo have good social, beats. Therefore, create a feeling of life, friends and more in his later years is also very happy.

Round chin men and women chin Party:
Kim is like two gears forever He Bulong general, the most prone to conflict, the two arguments is almost commonplace.

Men chin side, a woman round the chin:
Husband's work is dedicated, always got to come home late at night, so my wife comments, it is not considerate. The two quarrel, almost commonplace. Both of the cheekbones are prominent: a steel, an iron. Two mutually exclusive, each side of the grounds, sooner or later break up.

Plump nose male and female tip of the nose:
Men can earn money, work smoothly; woman can spend money and spend more than half of the husband earn is also a small one.

Male nose concave, convex female Er:
Female character strong, and aggressive; men are willing to make concessions, two non-Xiang AnMatter.

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