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Thigh 6 of the most effective weight loss good way

When you are undertaking a full-body exercise for the purpose of weight loss when all parts of the body including the thighs, including weight loss will be. Make the legs and buttocks are the most effective aerobic exercise fitness movement is walking, cycling, cross-country skiing, stair climbing.


Running is also a hectic feverVolumeA good way, but for a very thick thigh fat people is not the best choice. Because these people would find running very difficult also uncomfortable, reluctant to stick to it. The use of a combination of walking and running much better method. When you do not feel difficult, it can be appropriately increased and reduced running walk.


Swimming is also a whole body aerobic sport, but swimming is not too much use of the thigh. If you want to fit in the pool in the thigh. You can walk in shallow water, or wear a lifejacket at walking in Sham Shui Po. The water's natural resistance to make your legs get strong exercise.

This training effect is on the road on the unattainable.

Exercise 30 minutes a day

In order to thigh lose weight, exercise 30 minutes each time. At least 3-5 times a week. Persist below the middle level and moderate-intensity exercise. The maximum exercise intensity of 60%, it may consume moreFat. If you think that some struggled to maintain this level of exercise, you can start small amount of exercise carried out. And then slowly strengthened. You can also exercise intensity and time flexibility. If the exercise intensity is low, and more easily, increase the exercise time on the case of consumption of fat, walking 1 hour and 20 minutes jogging effect is the same.


Prior to the implementation of exercise program. Best to letDoctorsFor you to look at bodyMedicalInvestigation, and then select an easily norAdverseThe exercise intensity. After the training time can be gradually increased, but the average weekly increase in exercise time should not exceed 20%. The best way to exercise self-training the body to the end of 1 hour return to normal.

In order to prevent the process of the body in the exercise of certain injuries. You can do some preparatory activities, such as in-situ to run slowly or do a few minutes to do a stretching exercise. The best time is to exercise 1-2 hours before meals. Such as early morning and afternoon.

Bodybuilding thigh to the local sports

Stretching exercise is to make the most effective thigh fit one way: two buttocks sag, - Tui Quxi squat, keeping back straight, and the other - legs, back straight and parallel to the ground; or in the same - location, another leg to the side straight up and body into a 90-degree angle, try to do three in each one leg groups (n = 10) such a movement of this exercise in the body when standing up can also be carried out - and keep the body upright leg stand . The other side of a leg extension and back extension, leg straight and as far as possible parallel with the ground. Stretch out sideways movement can also be carried out. In bed or on the floor straight to the body side, - legs close to the floor, the other - legs raised upward until the legs and body into a 45-degree angle. And then a 45-degree angle on the leg support in a table or chair. Close to the floor and then lift it with the next leg on the legs close together. This exercise can enhance the lateral thigh muscles instead of the previous exercise just outside the muscle, thus maintaining the balance and symmetry of the thigh.

Stretch out in your graspAfter exercise, You can try to do some "getting under way," big stride forward. After the knee until about 15 cm above the ground, and then step forward one leg. The beginning of each leg is best to do two sets of 10 such moves. And then gradually increase the number of times with other exercise - like, you can first slow - more. And let the two legs have the same level of exercise. The benefits of this exercise - is: You can change the state of muscle relaxation, in the appearance appear to be more fit.

Pay attention to eat a reasonable

  ExpertThat the majority of successful dieters legs. Was mainly due to too much reliance on training, rather than paying attention to food. These people are often clearly restricted calorie intake. But they do not consider the fat in which the role played by the result. To achieve a low-fat diet and high-fiber combination. For example, eat moreVegetablesAnd fruits, eat less of those rich in fatDiet, Especially fast food and so on

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