Tuesday, December 22, 2009

5 kinds of woman too much for most so that men

They are beautiful and gentle, intellectual lovely, all the good external, so that all men attracted to whom indulge. At the same time, they are selfish, frivolous, cruel, ruthless, all the inherent cold, and keep a man biting chilling. Ladies and gentlemen, you are following the case of some type around them, and advised Monarch "with Pro-yuan envy of fish, it is better retreat to make the net" because of your beautiful Eve, was originally sent to earth to heaven internship "Little Witch", they are wrapped in Angel's coat, but do casual "Little Witch" in strength. Therefore, once fell in love with them, this may be the beginning of your purgatory ... ...

  Kiki's No. 1 anti-index: 30%

Objective attitude wavering uncertain - no hope of marriage

Comparison of such a woman a headache - she is not does not love you, not even love was not enough, just that she loved their own. Therefore, men want to marry as soon as possible, such women is not your first choice.


In fact, the reasons for a woman to refuse marriage registration were mostly waiting for a better target. Many male and female contacts for many years, but also very serious, but one that he would marry his girlfriend began evasive, telephone number, and dates are gradually reduced and finally they break off the relationship. These are abandoned to the last man could not understand why they have been cast off. In fact, the reasons for a woman to refuse marriage registration were mostly waiting for a better target. This is nothing wrong with love not to buy things, assess the two lang syne, and ultimately the need of that marriage certificate.

 Witch 2, anti-index: 50%

Never complain about non-stop to meet - pressure accompanied by

Significant feature of their chatter, never satisfied, and when you wanted her eyes, her appetite and objectives of the soon moved to the next one. So, do not drive you to do so again Dangdie mother again, a thankless task.


A woman on the men's dissatisfaction with, of course, does not mean that she is right, even some of the quarreling, nagging a never-ending. This will not improve relations not only continue, but will become more worse. An even more outrageous is that such comparisons are a woman will put you into more and more crazy psychological position, exhausted, finally its not a little sense of accomplishment. Dating is to happiness, in order to co-operate together two people loving, not a party in order to meet unreasonable demands and pay forever.

 Witch 3 Anti-index: 70%

The ever-changing elusive - Tender Trap

Such women are the standard cute, they smile blossoming, meticulous, determination and courage, spotted an absolute Walk the Line. Super-class of personal charm, definitely makes you fascinated by the loss of principle. Her whole body exudes fragrant Ruoyouruowu deadly, when impressed with the performance of like bright fireworks, uh, gas, such as Portland soon as you have the first self-Jiao Chen cakes a half, no wonder love her to unable to extricate themselves. But you must also be aware that sometimes she does not belong to you.


The reason why they are rich in thousands of changes, loving rolled into one evil, is to own the footer, bringing together thousands of women the most beautiful image and character: sports, elegant type, avant-garde type, the cause of type, bold, cool , frank, and indulgence, and shy, and countless walls.

Her first was for parents温良恭俭让's daughters, which is the foundation of all good relationships, and then like to have added a cup of clear coffee by adding a partner as caring and words and deeds - this is the attitude of her children; she faced her husband's time -- the big bed in their own wild and unrestrained, like all the rest of the time when the original never married; her boss is always convincing, fluent psyche worship, so obey orders that she not only feel joy, and also superior comfort for her admiration.

Finally, Do not you think she is a person, she would also add an eye of a person, and that is her lover: she is his ambiguous on a flower, a touch of mystery and Long Zhao layer distance. And you, in addition to love her and hate her the pain between the walk, then no way out.

Witch 4 anti-index: 90%

An eye-dazzling - internal injury risks

Here's "glamorous," not the "Pink Lady" where Yan S-shaped lips crush, she shows a woman in your in moments of weakness, where necessary, the state. They are just right of the stick people, customs million species of hurt people. Men warm spring breezes, let them go, like a butterfly glue spider's web, deep web not knowing the situation, ignore the spillover happiness at the same time, you are unable to extricate themselves, once lost her, you will be disastrous internal injuries. But she could be happy for worry-free, write off.


Is a woman in the glamorous woman, she should highlight all the good characteristics as a woman, of course, is to Huazhizhaozhan coquettish Such is Life, and Tanxiaoziruo lively sense of humor is more icing on the cake, if they know how to forbear playing hard tim ... back ... if she gave up a tree , as well as the forest to her Yaochong; if she gave up a small stream, the entire ocean will warm to her Ben Lai. Glamorous life of a man whom the pursuit of endless beautiful goal, she lost only our chains, to win the whole world.

Witch 5, anti-index: 100%

Vulnerable to the attack tempered into a steel - too difficult to control

Anti-index for the 100% is the true sense of the "bad woman" - one's face-mei, heart children hard, start with steady Accurate for men has a super-class sensitivity and appreciation of - was widely vulnerable to the attack, birds Chaofeng, tempered into a steel "bad woman." If you have deep tenderness of her case, it must remain sober, "the murder" was invisible is their field of expertise. Do not think of how to manage her, unless he is genuinely in love, or nervous you take the wrong. Otherwise, quenching thirst with poison is perhaps the final outcome.


Remember the movie "Hero" on the back and forth saying: a mind free from the sword, is the real sword; war depths is actually the word for peace. Also tells you that they come to conquer a man's journey to this Dan Rather, at heart, a love-hate has no entanglement. Men can have jobs, salary, status, like her can have. This is half of the world are men, half belong to her, her life is not attached to any one of the opposite sex. In addition, she also has a fatal beauty, Roumei deep-rooted styles. If you want to with dual-homed dual-habitat, you have to temper themselves, to create its own, and even hesitate to reinvent themselves, to pay for her love and much of the last in order to gain equality. However, in order for this equality, you have to put your profile.

She will always be extremely principled: They own their own money and open forever keep their own money system, have their own circle of friends, business social networking, you can always say no to you out loud. Require you to have a say in the use of condoms, to protect their right to not have children and so on

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