Saturday, December 12, 2009

You do not know the difference between men and women

1, men at a young age will be referred to a lot of friends, but after a middle-aged women in the future there may be more friends.

2, approximately 25% of men, in the first date fell in love with each other, but women are into the fourth date, only 15 percent fell in love with each other.

3, women make decisions faster rate than men.

4, enrollment in the semester prior to the boys more than girls love hold sway over others. The more long-term adult married life, his wife become more dominant.

5, male lovers are often afraid to be killed or committed suicide, while women are often afraid of lovers would be subjected to unexpected accident or old age die.

6, men like the assault-style work, rest intervals, while the women would prefer to work with a rhythm.

7, most of the adults survey show that men and women love sow discord and create rumors level is the same.

8, to prevent crime, research shows that when the resistance encountered bad women than men 25%.

9, about 2 / 3 or 4 / 5 of alcoholics are male. 10 husbands, only one lives with an alcoholic wife; but 10 wives, there are nine would continue to work with alcohol husbands.

10, crime, single men than married men, single women have committed a crime less than in married women.

11, claiming that a happy satisfied married men is almost twice as many single men. However, married women than single women more often said that unhappy, regardless of whether the child.

12, abortion of embryos are mostly boys.

13, on the dream. Men more commonly associated with a strange dream of an unfamiliar environment where men are generally more concerned with violence, even if the dream of women, mostly related with sex. Women in the dream, always dreamed of familiar environment with friends and relatives. Women's dreams are usually outdoors, and the atmosphere are mostly friendly, except before the onset of menstruation, when women's dream when you feel upset and tense tired.

14, women like to hide their deepest feelings, while men like to let each other know. If you ask a man "where the bread is bought?" He will tell you; but this question was a woman, she is usually asked, "What is the problem?"

15. Front door was open the door until a woman took out the key, while the men dig out long ago. Women planning match, the match always draw, while the men are always assigned to, and perhaps a woman afraid of burn themselves.

16. A German newspaper organized a test, in Munich, one side of the store installed a long mirror, and then observed the men and women through a long lens to see how they have a response. In the 8-hour observation, a total of 1620 women after this long face mirror, 1 / 3 stop to look in their own short-lived; while nearly all of 600 men through a long lens, all stop and look good themselves, most of then next look to see if being noticed

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