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The typical feelings of a man to treat Yan Yu

Yan Yu is a kind of pain?

Tang Seng Chu Pa-chieh, the Monkey King, mentoring four Shaseng learn from the way in the Western Paradise, the most encountered problem is that all kinds of Yan Yu, there are really beautiful women leave, there are single-minded to be married with the master, there are Bianzhuohuayang sin of Fairy, there are funny they are playing, but also moving sincere ... ... even more importantly, a field test of a group of special Yanyu men, if they were lay disciples hand, easier to handle; to their personalities is quite different, origin is different from the amount of hormone levels as well as the vision of quality, character and so the difference will only lead to so many versions of the story of Yan Yu, farce or a joke.

In this mentoring a few people in the face of Yan Yu, attitude is the most obvious Lao Zhu, a word: fun. In fact, this is also a common Everyman's instincts accept indiscriminately. Tang Seng's response is another extreme: bitter! He really Ming Ku, delicious could eat, fun is also not afford. From this point of view, The Pig live chic than he.

The problem is that Lao Zhu often absurd blunder and instead has been alluring woman playing a woman with the face of loss of Yan Yu principles, responsibilities or even basic intelligence, in his view, the sow is also a double-fold of the Sea, an excellent appetite. In this sense, he is a failure. Well Wukong it? He is quite calm, home-made heroes of the past are generally not nearly in sex, so treat Yan Yu is concerned, he has immunity, and is very hated.

It seems that men treat Yan Yu, there feeling like three kinds of typical: The Pig straightforward, "pain," Tang Seng painful "pain", as well as Monkey King hated the "pain." There Yan Yu's men usually have this "three stage" just words.

Yan Yu is often straightforward joke

Have a feel-good handsome guy, something happens to the Internet bubble nothing like the MM, one day, he met a MM, one can tell it was a little inexperienced girls. She spoke to her advice, saying that she crush on her house a man downstairs, but I do not know how to tell the truth, each time just looking at him in silence through the downstairs from her. Heroes Dunsheng handsome guy to save America's heart is the moment to tell her a wonderful idea: next time you see him again from downstairs through the time, deliberately throwing things to get a smacked him and apologize to him, so that one to two to will recognize them.

What to know the day home from work, even handsome guy was flying down the pots upstairs ... ... Zade badly beaten that he began to realize that his own experience is that the poor Yan Yu actor, he brought this upon ourselves, but also happy in which, although not necessarily a good look at the scene.

I have a friend first and Nvwang You Dating a result, after about the weather, it is relatively silent, once in the network where all the Yan Yu's passion, poetry, impulsive and excited them altogether no more, finally the old chap hung up a phone call secretly to me, asking me to find him a cell phone for him to find an excuse to get out. After listening to my phone, poor he relieved, and then a dignified air of that woman, said: "It so happened that my grandmother had just died, I must hurry home."

Returned, a friend said to me, Yan Yu's beauty only at the retreat, when, once see the light, put into action, they will lose combat effectiveness, they will ponder on the retrospection will be anxiety and pain.

A friend told Xiao Wang because he had a beautiful girl in the car for a top of the fart of the "charges" with the result moved the girl Yishenxiangxu ... ... Amy, after listening to this experience, but also daily buses wait Yan Yu's arrival. One day, Amy was sleepy when Huting a slight fart sound, he suddenly lost much sleep, he kept saying: "Sorry, this fart is my place, and like him to bear with." Then he was to 4 weeks glanced and saw a beautiful lady towards him, "Great Britain" Come on, swaying Health posture. Xiao Wang thought: This time I really had to go Taohua Yun. Who would have thought, "popping" soon as it reached for the tour of Miss Amy a slap in the face: "The lady at noon to eat the point, I called burp, I fart you say, you went too far!"

This affectionate been relentlessly annoying and even self-defeating Yan Yu, the only thing is Kuzhongzuoyue of.

Thus get a conclusion that men are attracted by the nature of Yan Yu, but the goodly portion of luck, and often even be clever clever counter-enlightenment. There is a fairy tale that a bird dangling from his mouth a piece of meat, in the trees to prepare the United States and the United States to swallow; At this time, the tree down foxes, the fox moved evil thought: eat the piece of meat. As a result, she praised the bird, how like how handsome singer, "but, I have never heard you sing ah!" It's such a bird by her agitation, they possessed to open up and sing a result, the meat fall down, the middle of the fox play into the hands . Said that this adaptation of the fairy tale had to listen to his son when he was seriously ask me: "Dad, the bird is the uncle, that fox is Auntie!" I laughed, Is this is a fairy-tale version of Yan Yu? Think about it, it seems, and very expressive.

Yan Yu-ri, the role of men embarrassed

Know? In today's Yan Yu, the man has actually become vulnerable groups.

This is the era of fast-food culture, simple like, as long as like to have what can not? Yan Yu men and women in the dictionary, crossing or passing the love of the situation, as the growth of loose-leaf card Ye Hao, mutual heating Ye Hao, the key is to be happy, do not ask the source, do not talk about the future. The problem is that in this game, women became the main character, a man has become the passing!

"Passing" role is very embarrassing, we have listed below, please pigeon-holing:

Healing by: lovelorn girl is dangerous, a married man's Yan Yu "killers", they are willing to try a man's thoughtful maturity and compassion.

So skull-bone in front of them, men are not shot a few.

Love warm-up Coach: A number of fashionable women enjoy the challenge of married men, may be they are more advanced concepts that before they get married, how many more passages through love, in order to deepen their understanding of men, for the future lay the foundation for a harmonious marriage. So very often, married men Yan Yu, love, warm-up to this time, a man may be just an emotional playing coach.

Investors: love is also talk about economic benefits, there are girls admits that the rich people to find their love, there is a sense of accomplishment, as well as additional income, financial-color queen why not? Money is a form of expression, especially in the post-Yan Yu.

Be spoilers: Qingdouchukai favorite Kenyinggutou girls, such as the right start with a married man, knowing that bastion of love, but more restless entrepreneurial spirit inspired her, she had to "change the status quo," full of brains, "For the destruction of love . " One day, she really got that sought-after man, she probably would be discouraged, she actually wants is the kind of destructive "change" the power, not love ... ...

To see Yan Yu-ri after the heroine's inner secrets, the men will be eager to advance wave upon wave Yan Yu do? Temptation everywhere, love seems to be picked up, turn a body may be in the Cupid's arrow, do not love hard, love all right. Arrangement of God that he is a man, but also Her comments? There, Mr. Yan Yu repeatedly say: "Her comments are the vulnerable groups, in fact, I am very painful!" In other words, men Yan Yu, is "arrested" is passive, is not help, is yielded to the service of!

Yan Yu, the ultimate test of a man

Era of peace, love often become the life of the book, Yan Yu became a lingering dreams of men, and constant efforts to beautify it, deepen it, and overstating it. For the men to practice every Yan Yu, there is no so much struggle and pain, but with some sense of mission and innocent. For example, the progress of men like to Yan Yu different words to describe the good: encounter with fate, and even the "fate" - encounter is not reversible, is not immune to the fate and destiny is to get away. Married men think they like word games can reduce the inner guilt, but the men know that this is just self-deception.

Because the consequences very serious. Therefore, had the pain. Yan Yu-ri men to repeat the three men, the role of deduction, from the Chu Pa-chieh's gratification, to the Tang Seng pain, or even developed to the Monkey King's hate, pain to the spinal cord. Yan Yu and extremely painful because of the men, almost all around each one of us there ... ...

A morning run of the handsome man, was a lady of English words back breathlessly catching up, she prepared a good one to take in the hands of 100 yuan, and cried out: "Hey, sir, is You lose the money? "he pleasantly surprised to turn around, wearing a wedding ring with the left hand wiping my face and hesitated to speak after the:" Oh, so ah, thank you, yes I've lost, you really returning lost money! "That effort is needed to trap the men at their own expense pays for girls 1:00 silly, but she has not react in the hands of the money has been" logical "manner gave that strange man, then he ran ... ... Yi Liuyan

Yan Yu and interests of the man in between, choose the latter. He was a bit selfish, some of Goku's relentless, it is because he had encountered unforgettable pain! This time he finally made the right choice, he may be praised by his wife. He also took the opportunity to Maiguai said: "I beat a self, which is a very man!" He was proud of and proud.

Yan Yu pain, which can be happy on the other side, it can be really bitter, it can be the ultimate expression of hate. Yan Yu-ri, different men have different interpretations at different times may have different feelings. Pain is real, and Yan Yu, no one can stop, so we can not bare-faced lie that men do not Yan Yu, the man is real. However, men have a duty, and that is the face of temptations, some people cross the border, but still a pain, some people fell, the pain is not the Han Tong, some pain, but happy with ... ... the past, we like to say, Evaluation of a man depends on how he died, it was the revolutionary years of the ruler, or war; now to evaluate a man, we can see how he loved, even to see how he treated Yan Yu's. Yes, Yan Yu is like a test, different men will give a different answer sheets

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