Sunday, December 6, 2009

Winter to eat sweet potato can be detoxification cancer

Fall and winter seasons on the table more than a steamed sweet potato, the kind of feeling is wonderful. Sweet potato contains more fiber-rich foods, accounting for about 8%, can increase the size of the human feces, excretion function better, there is Paiduyangyan function, and water absorption is good, sweet potato can prevent constipation and intestinal diseases, to keep the stool smooth smooth. It is conducive to the maintenance of the body's normal physiological balance, slowing the aging body. Overseas research also showed that: contained in a kind of sweet potato called "dehydroepiandrosterone" in substance, there is a certain effect in preventing cancer.

China's Ming Dynasty, a famous medical scientist Li Shi Zhen in the "Compendium of Materia Medica" This monumental work in the phrase "red-steaming, cutting, drying, harvesting, filling powder to do food, known as a powder, make people less longevity disease." The early 90s of last century scholars in the study of China's population in rural living standards of quality and longevity, after the region has pointed out: In addition to longevity with the rules of living and working outside, but also to eat sweet potatoes have a certain relationship.

Studied by experts showed that: sweet potato contained a large number of mucus proteins on the human body with special protection. It can maintain the flexibility of the human cardiovascular wall to prevent atherosclerosis, reduce subcutaneous fat, but also to prevent the shrinkage of the liver and kidneys in the connective tissue, lubricating the digestive tract, respiratory tract, joint cavity and serous cavities, prevent fatigue, improve immune force.

Eat sweet potato should pay attention to science, one should not be eaten raw, just because sweet potato starch in the cell membrane without the heat damage is difficult to digest; 2 should be appropriate to extend the cooking time, so that it contains a "gas enzymes" is destroyed, do not eat after onset of abdominal distension, heartburn, belching, nausea, exhaust discomfort; third, and rice to eat with, the protein may play a complementary role; four points can be equipped with fresh radish pickles, or eat, etc., can reduce stomach acid produced

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