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Men love psychology and strategies revealed inside story

Every smart woman will understand To love romance and lasting, it must adhere to certain rules, but perhaps you have not realized that a woman faced with the pressure from the men. When men have their secret dating compliance strategy. So when you are anxiously waiting for your boyfriend to call you, he is likely working with Friends Business量How to delay the call of time.

We have from those men out of the mouth of those who torture women the secret communication with each other behind the rules, and suggest that you the courage to read the exchanges between the men and women, self-righteous, self-assuredness proud strategy. May remember them, will be able to let you love in a new battlefield awareness he confidant, to seize the opportunity.

Rule 1: Do not worry in the call back

Your acquaintance, he's heart, you gave him a card, you can almost be certain that he will give your office tomorrow, sent a huge bouquet of roses. But a week later, you have not even received a phone call. 28-year-old Mr. Wang said, "the issue back to the phone, each man would take a certain rhythm, that made her so."

In the men respected by the film "Wan Ku children," there are "three days and then call back" rule, but it is not written in stone - if so, then it is too easy. According to ourSurvey, The rule core is: "as long as they Kang Dezhu on, then they do not call back."

Warm and romantic 26-year-old consulting manager, Mr Hao told us, "In general, I might want to call sooner, but when I realized that if I hurry to act, she might think I do not have a better role to play, or think I'm crazy in love with her. "

Of course, the man sometimes called the delay is only due to laziness, the men did not, as a woman with a sense of urgency to prepare the plan, or they did not get your phone number to see too important. A man asks you to contact, only that he could not definitely call you. "Sometimes I brought a woman's number, as to whether or not to see her, I need time to consider - and sometimes more than a week," 25-year-old said Mr Internet savvy, "but a woman only the phone number left to its own moving the man. "

COSMO responses: or out of the house, or to call a friend, or rent a look at some of the film, in short, do something to enrich themselves, do not abandon the old one will never be loud phone. Remember, unless you are a masochist, or Do not phone number to such a man.

Rule number two: match up, playing both sides and

This man always comes to your heart, make you feel with him is really nice, happy thing. Is that he brazenly said, I just love a woman, you also think this is the truth that he did not cover the flash personality. He can in your unique feelings in the world, full of marvelous, what are you saying that he was able to make you elated counterparts. Although sometimes you have noticed there is another woman at his side, but you believe he said those are true, and believe that his true love.

In fact, for men, playing both sides and is very easy. 30-year-old computer sales director Zou Shi says that, in fact I was so good that she has no past, but she bought me a small gift, and always give me a call. I'm really bored, and she thought the old by pressing her to love me. Although I would not let her hurt, it is only because I've been accustomed to behave in front of girls like a gentleman, not only for her chic sense of humor one person. I like it and girls contacts, see their faces all seriousness, the reserves with a desire to heart.

31-year-old veteran of the intelligence field Greenfield said: I do not know how a woman going on, the more curry favor with her, the more difficult to take, the more cold with her, but she was able to endure. As early as the beginning, there is no enthusiasm for the new girl has appeared. But she was infatuated to Lian Zhao has been senseless.

COSMO responses: a man finally candidly reveal their true colors, they are sometimes just to play some of the feelings of the game. So you must not take it seriously, you have to hide your desire and mood, even if Jiangyanhuanxiao, but also as a revenge skills. To not care about the performance advantages of striving to stimulate each other's passion. Then hide your inner needs and dreams, so that you get out of reach. Other more pressing anxiety, the easier you have to take it lightly.

Rule number three: magic potion Strategy

Women expect men sway their tenderness from time to time, this is not a secret. When a man told you your eyes like stars shine, teeth as white as pearls, you can not help being impressed? Unfortunately, our survey shows that men are often fabricated in order to achieve their own ends meet sweet talk a woman. "We all know women like compliments and romance," for women is quiteResearchOf Mr. Zhao said, "sometimes a man do not want to show their tenderness, do not want to flatter a woman. However, they clearly know that their tenderness is not spilled in vain. The rewards offered, women or share this bed with them, or give up accusing them of going out with other friends. "

Displaying tenderness by magic, men expect women heartbeat Lost and Delirious - ultimately a total loss of reason. Even acceptance of our interview, Mr. extremely believe this tenderness strategy. "Women often kiss a man in love is not too much - they think you are acting," he said, "so I will in due course, talking pretty words to make her feel satisfied and secure. These innocuous words or a few romantic flattery have the effect of attitude is unbelievable. "

COSMO approach: efforts to distinguish the truth pretending to maintain a high degree of sober mind. If his praise is the general ones like "You're beautiful", he is likely to force yourself to leave your gentle; if his praise is specific, like "you laugh, the brow on theFrecklesIn the jumps, beautiful ", then most likely it is the natural expression of your love.

Rule 4: It is resolutely not promise to

For men is not responsible for, and sometimes not easily committed to what. Commitment decision is very tired, and we must have the skills to cover up but also do away with the wrist. Men do not want too much trouble, he was ready to retire to the body of the road.

Enron has been and the old wheat falling in love can be when the Enron proposed to marry the old Jimmy always said premature. Such a period, Enron does not satisfy the. Appears repeatedly, must be getting old wheat thing. Sure enough, the old wheat at a gathering of buddies say the truth: marriage, that was a matter of terror cases. After a thought to bear so much, they shudder. In fact, Enron like this, really having to come to, it may not be OK. Old wheat skeptical, and he was afraid to pay for life's attitude has led to Enron, and his love is always unstable.

Finally, one day old wheat leave their homes, to go study in England.

COSMO approach: to see the other signs of irresponsible, it is necessary and timely to curb their romantic ideals. He can be friends, but never marry him. Really want a home and your people will suggest you to take a look at his own home, see his parents, relatives and friends, and you have to explore your future dreams and roads, rather than an emotional act of love expert.

Rule 5: Do not break off the relationship in person

Perhaps the beginning of your love one is not very perfect, but you think there are at least develop possible. But he has not called, for a whole week, do you not help but view the phone and a message, you finally understand: You left out the. He used a dishonorable, or even abandon some of the cowardly tactic: Do not call to tell her that you never want to go out with her.

Why choose this break a man way? One is because it is an easy way to escape. "Face to face or by phone breaking up are no doubt a painful breakup. Who wants to quarrel with it?" Mentioned above, Mr. Zhao said, "most men do not want confrontation with a woman in love, it will make them think had happened with my mother conflict, will bring many of them guilty. "

For men, breaking up is a fundamental answer is that countless of "why" and tons of woman with tears. They were pinned down. So they think that to avoid a fight on both sides is preferable. Mr. Ke, 26-year-old is calling on the firm conviction that the romantic relationship is not perfect from the best way.

"The worst thing was the face of a laden tears, asked me to better explain why they broke up a woman - I could not give a satisfactory reason for her to make," Mr. Ke said, "sad to see a woman wishes to I never Xinrudaojiao, who need this kind of mentality of people miserable then? "

There are also practical reasons to make men and women do not want a formal separation. They want to give themselves leeway so that, when he was lonely, back to your life. "I'm dating this woman for several months, everything is normal, we may even like a pair of real couples," 27-year-old Mr Lui said, "One night, we go to a movie, I suddenly do not understand why I have and with her. So when I left her, I said, 'We talk about the future', but I never give her a call. I deal with the matter in this way, is it there is a open-end , I mean, then I could also re-took her hand around. "

Men know that as long as not too long intervals, you need to do is apologize for not calling for their recent whereabouts fabricated some beautiful lies, and then invited her to go out for entertainment, then an instant, she returned to your arms. "

COSMO approach: understand the split suggests that men, the self-esteem and such a man determined not to fall in love again. Constantly remind yourself that you need is a 100% true feelings of men, rather than the elusive love field veteran.

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