Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Soy sauce and soy sauce and soy sauce and application of the distinction between

Dark Soy Sauce, and soy sauce is a family of two varieties of soy sauce.

Their common characteristic is equivalent to the mainland more easily color red sauce (now in other parts of China have followed the customary name of the production of soy sauce and soy sauce of soy sauce).

Their production of raw materials should be chosen high-quality soybeans using the traditional mode of production sun Ye Lu, circular shower dip made of natural fermented, the color was bright red-brown, with rich soy aroma, lingering aftertaste after eating.

The difference between soy sauce and soy sauce are:

Soy sauce by ultrafiltration membrane microfiltration, so that a more clear and transparent finished soy sauce.

Dark Soy Sauce is on the basis of soy sauce and add natural sugars color (added in the production process), so color than soy sauce Wu-run color, more resilient, and dense body was hanging cup, enticing the appetite.

More suitable for cold soy sauce, stir-fries, noodles, mixed rice noodles, mixed with meat, Jordan rinse off in fresh meat hot pot, of course, can also be used for cooking dishes, and various periods during the cooking process can join.

Natural sugar, then add soy sauce for color and are suitable for stewed, Hong Men, baking, stewing, meat sauce and a variety of chickens and ducks Stewed and so on, it also can cook a variety of other dishes, but should be cooked to join later.

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