Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Drinking within 3 to support redeployment of white soup whitening freckle

Real beauty, will always be emitted from the inside out; beautiful white, always thoroughly from the inside to the outside slightly ruddy.

To achieve this effect alone can not do wipe coated painting, may transfer from the inside, such as drink three white soup.

Chinese medicine holds that people's skin and organs function Yue Chak closely related or not. If the viscera lesions, blood does not, and then rough skin, facial hygiene spot. With white peony, Atractylodes, White Poria Sammi-based medicine to reconcile three white soup is from blood, regulating the function of the five organs, thereby whitening freckle.

TGP sweet, sour, slightly cold, there is nourishing the role of looking chlorosis can be treated, facial pigmentation, dull; Atractylodes and warm, sweet, bitter, anti-aging efficacy; White Poria Sweet, Dan nature, can freckle whitening. Modern pharmacological studies have also confirmed the role of the above-mentioned cosmetic medicine: TGP scavenging free radicals, anti-oxidation effect; Atractylodes, White Poria can enhance immune function, dilation of blood vessels, which belong to the beauty of the product. In addition, the three white soup comes with licorice in its nature, sweet, with moisturizing deodorant effect, can be used for chapped skin, and so on.

Practices: water Jiantang day, a small bowl. If you find it troublesome, you can also self-Tea. Take Baizhu, peony root, white Poria each 150 grams of licorice 75 g, respectively, research into a coarse powder, mix evenly into 30 packets in a day, take a bag brew with boiling water, when the Chahe. Taking period, the best to eat less spicy. As the drug taste of peace, and most people can take.

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