Friday, December 11, 2009

Of the five most drinking water shall not be

Water is mankind's survival, an important and indispensable material may not be on the 1st day without food but water, but not all of the water is drinkable, the following five kinds of water under certain conditions will form nitrous acid salt and other toxic and harmful substances will definitely harm the human body, and therefore cause for concern.

1, aging water: commonly known as "dead water" that is a long time storage of fixed water. Often drink this water, for minors, would significantly slow down the cell metabolism, affecting physical growth and development; will accelerate the aging of the elderly; many parts of the esophagus, the increasing incidence of gastric cancer, according to medical scientists who study may be related to long-term drinking water-related aging. The data indicate that the aging of toxic substances in the water with the water storage time also increases.

2, 1000 boiling water: 1000 boiling water is boiling on the stove a night or very long period of water, as well as electric water heater repeatedly boiled water.
The water boiled for a long time, the water is not volatile substances, such as calcium, magnesium and other heavy metal components and high levels of nitrite. A long time to drink this water, would interfere with people's gastrointestinal function, there was a temporary diarrhea, abdominal distension; toxic nitrite can also cause the body hypoxia.

Third, steamer Water: Water is steamed buns and other steamer pot of water left, especially after several repeated use of the steamer water, nitrite concentration is high. Changyin the water, or use this water, boil rice porridge, will cause nitrite poisoning; scale up with water to enter the human body, can also cause digestive, nervous, urinary and hematopoietic system diseases, and even cause premature aging.

Fourth, do not open water: people drinking tap water, were approved by the chlorination disinfection and sterilization dealt with before. Chlorine-treated water, out of 13 kinds of harmful substances separable, including halogenated hydrocarbons, chloroform also has carcinogenic, teratogenic effects. When the water temperature reached 90 ℃, halogenated hydrocarbons from the original content of 53 mg per kg up to 177 mg, more than the national drinking water health standard two-fold. Experts point out that not drink boiled water, suffering from bladder cancer, colorectal cancer increase the likelihood of 21% -38%. When the temperature reached 100 ℃, these two kinds of harmful substances will evaporate with the steam greatly reduced, if they continue to boil 3 minutes, then drink safety.

5, re-boil the water: Some people have gotten accustomed to in the remaining warm water thermos bottle to re-boil and then drink the purpose of water conservation, economizer (gas), when the festival. However, this "savings" undesirable. Because the water burned burned again, so that evaporation of water again, nitrite will rise, adds to the growing of this water, nitrite will accumulate in the body, causing poisoning.

Science drinking water schedule:
6:30 early morning to drink 250 ml of dilute brine or cold boiled water to supplement the loss of water at night, bowel detoxification.
8:30 into the office to drink 250 ml of water, a busy morning so that water unknowingly lost a lot this time replenishment of particular importance.
11:30 before lunch for a busy morning of the rest for a while, and drink plenty of water will help activate the digestive system before lunch vitality.
12:30 After lunch, drink plenty of water to speed up blood circulation, promote the absorption of nutrients.
14:00 a cup of tea before work to eliminate fatigue, Chong Chongdian the body, this cup of water is very important.
17:00 a drink before work, busy day, the body of water are consumed or less, and this time replenishment also bring a sense of fullness of the stomach to reduce appetite dinner, this move especially for those who want to lose weight .
22:00 bedtime drink 200 ml of water, lower blood viscosity in order to sleep better, so that you completed the daily complement of 2100-2800 ml of water.

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