Sunday, December 13, 2009

Woman Erotic three gestures Xiu Shui Yi Yao

You want to have a slender waist measurement? If you always think that rely on "diet", you can achieve your dream of a local weight-loss, it can be tough! Now the slender waist to teach you临时抱佛脚intensive campaign tactics, let you in just a few days, you can have a fascinating lumbar!

Action 1: After the twist

Feet separated shoulder width, inhale, the arms on the move, breath fell on his right shoulder when his left hand, right hand waist from behind the left side fell at the same time try to rotate to the right of the upper body, his eyes looking back. Inspiratory arm again, move, breath, when the other side of the swivel. About six times before going on to recover.

Action 2: stomach turn

Prone position, hands on their chests on both sides, slowly prop up the upper body, toes point, the head slowly from the right looking back, watching with his left foot, maintaining a few seconds, turned to the other side to do this action. About six times each doing.

Action 3: squat after the turn

To do squat, hands on his knees, his right foot across a small step forward, left knee when kneeling down, sitting on his left foot to keep up with the hip, and slowly turned away to the right side to drive backwards with the upper body rotation, the eyes looking back, to keep a few seconds, then change to the other side to do the same action. About six times each doing

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