Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ten men, silent way to express love

A busy day working life, people tend to ignore the surrounding those very important people in your affection. If you are a start is not sincere, when you realize this point of time, there had passed a few years. If your relationship has become dull or if you are like wishful thinking on your friends, here are some ways to help you express your love to them.

1, listen to each other

And others, chat, talk about news or the internet and chat with friends, these are very easy. When your lover want to talk to you, you should actively listen, stop what you have at hand, to focus on here. She would like to express the meaning to listen to, understand her concern and worry about things, or she really like. To do some nod or eye contact that you are to focus on here.

2 in preparation for an unexpected gift

Are you sure gave you the gift of love sent off, for example, on their birthday, Christmas or special occasions such as Valentine's Day of the category.

But you get one day off in the usual gifts? For the recipient, and gifts are concerned, an unexpected gift from the heart to bring the most happiness. However, this gift without spending too much. For example, send their favorite chocolates, a bouquet of small flowers, or you know they like a book ... ... and so on these, not take much money, you will find this is also a saying "I love you" well way.

3, take the initiative to do household chores

For most people, a very popular gift is to help to do household chores. If your lover always cleaning, then you can go to for her clean the kitchen, give her a surprise. If you are often nagging "Suffocation", then do not ask anything directly to clean up. You will slowly discover, there are many small ways that make some people are comfortable the day off and let each other know their place in your heart.

4, doing a special dinner meal

If Friday night was to eat take-away, why not give ourselves to provide a hands-on opportunities? Prepare meal for your lover a special dinner, you do not look for any special interface, it is not necessary to be on Valentine's Day or any other anniversary. Including her favorite things to eat, take a few minutes tidy up the table, put a little music. I guarantee you will remember this evening for a long time, even in peacetime sitting on the sofa so common things, you will remember.

5, in the unusual places to stay Zhang note

Perhaps your life has become very busy, so you find very little of your schedule arranged for you and your spouse or a child together time. Why not try to stay in some places, Zhang note, give them a surprise. We may all know, the mothers stay in the bag inside a small print of your child, you can also start from here, or you can try in the kettle edge, in the refrigerator door, in the pillow, in the computer screen Chang left a note and so on. Perhaps you could be among a "competitive" small games, competitions who posted the most hidden places!

6, write poems

A spread so far to say "I love you" way is to write a love poem.

You do not need to be Shakespeare, just looking for sincere but the original way to express your love. Try not to use that vulgar word, be sure to write some interesting things for you, for example, she laughs, her look.

7, hug

Body language implies a huge energy, just a hug can make a person who loved his face showing a sweet smile. Whether your loved one to sit on the sofa spooned let your child sleep safely in your arms and give him / her is a hug and the warmth of his / her affection the most perfect way.

8, hand

When the relationship has become more comfortable and familiar with the future, such as hugging and hand is that we tend to ignore things. In the shopping when you try to Qianzhu lover's hand, or in the table holding her hand. Such physical contact will make you a more intimate feeling. To discuss in your argument, or a difficult problem is that this is particularly important. When your lover in a bad mood when depressed, hold her hand for her support of the physical performance.

9, to the shoulder or foot massage

Pressure of life, most people have had the experience of muscle soreness. To your wife to do some shoulders, back or foot massage, let her feel your love. This is equivalent to telling her that her physical health and comfort is very important to you, and this is also an enhanced physical fitness and promote feelings of a good solution.

10, dress myself

The initial stages of development in the relationship, you will do his best to make himself look good. Of course, you are familiar with, you may not care about you, and dirty clothes, size, and inappropriate, or have a hole in T-shirts ... ... these you may no longer feel offended. But occasionally dress itself up, it makes you re-ignite when you just started dating the kind of excitement.

I am convinced that there are many ways to express your love, do not need to say "I love you" words. You have any good ideas? What is your spouse used way to express their love?

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