Friday, December 11, 2009

To see if you are a male do kidney deficiency

Many people tend to believe that male sexual function affect the kidney is the most important organs, kidney sexual function will notWell, medicine will be able to eat kidney impotence kidney. Is actually not the case.

How many signal kidney disease?

Edema of the eyelids or facial edema, early morning, afternoon, more faded, tired after the increase, with a break to alleviate. Severe edema, there may be parts of the body falls, such as the pairs of the medial ankle, both lower extremities, lumbosacral and so on.
High blood pressure caused by kidney disease, like high blood pressure and other high blood pressure, there may be headache, dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus and other symptoms, but some patients because of the long-term high blood pressure, high blood pressure symptoms have been tolerated, it can be without any discomfort .

Too much or too little urine and normal urine output for the 1000-2000 ml / day, with an average of 1,500 ml / day or so. Urine increase or decrease is likely to be the performance of kidney disease, especially the nocturnal polyuria is often a signal kidney disease.

Abnormal urine testsUrine routine examination revealed protein, red blood cells, white blood cells, pipe type, ketone bodies, urine, etc., should make further checks.

Kidney to be divided into yin and yang

Chinese medicine theory, the kidney is not just a physical organ, but the kidney and other related general term for a range of functional activities, such as the human spirit, bones, hair, teeth, etc. may be related to renal pathological changes are closely related to , its scope should be wide than the Western medicine.

Gas from the role of the kidney essence is something that can be divided into yin, two kidney-yang, kidney yin and kidney-yang interdependence, mutual restraint to maintain the body's dynamic equilibrium. When this balance has been destroyed, there will be kidney yin, kidney-yang Piansheng partial decline or pathological changes.

Clinically, kidney yang deficiency than the more common, so kidney is the concept of aphrodisiac there is a certain misunderstanding.

The performance deficiency is pale or sallow black, waist and knee acid cold, cold limbs, hair, mental fatigue, whole body fatigue; male impotence premature ejaculation, women infertility, loss of libido; be amorphous, or frequent urination, Ching Chang, nocturia more pale tongue fur white, just before dawn diarrhea and so on.

Kidney-yin deficiency of the performance is looking red, Yaoxisuanruan and pain, dizziness ringing in the ears, teeth loose hair off; man nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation, she was little or amenorrhea; insomnia, forgetfulness, oropharyngeal drying, irritability, moving is sweating in the afternoon zygomatic red, body weight, urine Huang Shao, mamillata little or no moss moss.

Modern as a result of pressure, exercise less, it is prone to systemic organ recession, kidney is one of them

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