Thursday, December 24, 2009

Five strokes for a woman away from the aging

Eat eat = 7 into the heart 10 years younger,


Eating less can often get dramatic results. The United States, an experiment shows that 30% of the mice to reduce food intake each day comes as the result is actually a 30% extension of life. Even more incredible is that the heart of a Thin Man fat people younger than 10 to 15 years. Other relevant information, limiting calorie intake than the common people who significantly improved insulin levels, DNA was also reduced signs of damage. Scientists believe that control of food intake can reduce high blood sugar brought to the destruction of the organization and reduce the incidence of inflammation and a reduction in free radicals (caused by aging of the culprit).


Sugar far the most encouraging people to an old


High-sugar foods are often rich in soluble sugars, can cause blood sugar rapidly in the short rise, long-term effect will lead to the occurrence of diabetes, and this disease will accelerate the aging process, so that the body's other organs occur more quickly问题. So, we had better get back in the habit of people to vegetarian-based up. But pay attention to eat potatoes, because potatoes can make a person's risk of diabetes increased by 30%. Whole wheat and brown rice, as well as Italy crushed dried pasta and wheat are the better choice.


Let love vegetables and fish mouth


Day of different types of vegetables and eat as much as possible, because without that you should also know. In addition, the attention of people like seafood, and do not think any of seafood are good, we need in fact only the rich fish contains? Fatty acids, it can prevent heart disease in sudden death, reduce depression, Alzheimer's, bone hyperplasia, as well as visual acuity subside. Fatty acids in salmon, sardines, trout abundant. Good fatty acids in some nuts such as walnuts inside, as well as corn oil, castor oil and olive oil are also very rich. Eat less fried food, margarine, and other unhealthy fatty acids.


Eat curry Paul Young


Curcumin, one of them contained in a yellow curry, spicy elements, but also a potential chemical anti-aging agent. In India, this substance is often used for dressing wounds. In East Asia, the widespread use of curry. This is why East Asian people suffering from various cancers, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease is relatively low causes. If you do not like the taste of rice in India, it added that the best guarantee of 500mg to 1000mg per day of curcumin.


Double Vitamin D


If you add a vitamin insisted that experts recommend that you add vitamin D. Vitamin D produced by light from the skin, but as people age, this process is gradually weakened. Currently about half of the vitamin D is lacking. This problem can lead to osteoporosis, hardening of the arteries and a variety of cancers. There is no any kind of vitamin can be a general lack of such a wide range of places, unless you can eat lots of fish to supplement

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