Sunday, December 20, 2009

Orgasm can kill cold germs early

Most people think that when he was suffering from common cold or the flu, the best to stay away from married life in order to avoid too close contact with flu might spread to the other side.

However, experts from Switzerland, has recently proposed another new method for treating the common cold, that the passion between husband and wife kiss and harmonious sex life, but also a good way to kill flu germs.

Scientists through a set of experiments found that both men and women sexual life would not only have a positive impact the various body systems, but also enhance the immune system, can help the body from various diseases of the annoyance.

This is mainly due to white blood cells and other phagocytic cells play a role. Sex life, once the phagocytic cells found in a different body, it will penetrate into, and self "off" so that the number of cells is increasing rapidly. In particular, after orgasm, and their number increased to nearly twice the usual. The new increase in phagocytic cells are active, can more quickly find and destroy harmful bacteria on human health.

Still, some experts point out that this new approach is only applicable to the early cold. If you have experienced serious flu symptoms such as fever, severe cough, headache, generalized muscle pain, etc., they should be more rest, try to avoid sex life

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