Saturday, December 26, 2009

10 disfigurement can not change bad habits

1. All day frown, fuss.
This makes the skin cells, lack of nutrition, minimalist face, dry skin, wrinkles, while also deepening the face of the "unhappy pattern." Wear a smile, a decade low. The importance of emotional stability, balance of endocrine and has a moderate tolerance is a very beautiful woman in mind, and in fact is not just a psychological impression.

2. Stay up all night.
Stay up all night is the enemy of the skin care, lack of sleep will lead to a variety of skin cells regulate the activities of disorders affecting the epidermal cell vitality. So every day at least 8 hours sleep, if below this level, you had better health indicators for their own re-estimation. The adequacy of sleep will be very easy on the skin surface is now, especially the delicate skin of the eye. And a sweet, good sense, you can eliminate skin fatigue, skin cells, regulatory activities in a normal, slow down the aging of the skin.

3. Regular exposure.
UV absorption of excessive bad lot, ranging from black skin thicker, heavy can cause skin cancer, but it certainly is also the culprit in premature aging of skin, one of the. Because direct sunlight will directly damage the skin depth of the elastic fiber and collagen, resulting in loose facial skin becomes dull, there wrinkles. Therefore, to develop the use of high-quality sunscreen regularly.

4. Smoking, drinking.
Nicotine effects on skin blood vessels contract, so wrinkled skin of smokers than non-smokers, 10 years ahead of the arrival, so if you are a smoker, he will look more than 10 years of aging peers. The alcohol will reduce the amount of skin oils, the skin and dehydration, indirectly affecting the normal function of the skin.

5. Facial expressions is too rich.
Frequent squinting, frowning, laughing, curl one's lip, these movements and facial expressions will cause an increase in wrinkles, so it's best to minimize excessive facial movements and expressions.

6. Do not like to drink water.
Water is the source of life. Replenish skin enough moisture is the key to skin of the Road. If the intake is not enough water will lead to less than the amount of oil secretion, the skin can easily dehydrated, so have to force yourself to drink every day from 6 to 8 cups of water, but do not drink caffeine-rich drinks.

7. Do not like sports.
This can be bad. Appropriate amount of exercise can promote blood circulation and speed up the body, so that an appropriate body activities, relaxation, thus enhancing the lubrication of the skin, but also enable a large number of whole body sweat opportunity for the skin to achieve a healthy balance and greatly reduce the chance of aging skin. Therefore, to strengthen the training ah.

8. Remover not thorough enough.
This is most of us will commit mistakes. Alone can not be thoroughly cleaned Cleansing the skin. You should have regular deep-cleansing of the work so that our eyes can not see the dirt clogging the pores, affecting the skin to breathe properly.

9. Unaware of their skin, not selecting the right skin care.
Do you really understand their own skin do? Only truly understand their own skin in order to make the right choice. Might find an opportunity to be a skin test, learn more.

10. Close to bland food, stay away from vitamins.
Quickly stop doing so immediately! Bland food, such as spicy, fried, and for the skin like a time bomb, deep-fried food products, spicy food should be an appropriate reduction in endocrine balance of the skin will help to reduce acne and oily skin problems such as the emergence of an opportunity. The fruits and vegetables in the vitamin is good for the skin Moreover, fruits and vegetables is not only delicious, make us feel good, but also can be made into a natural facial mask, a good effect, but also a very delight of life thing. As soon as possible and reasonable allocation of your diet ah

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