Thursday, January 7, 2010

100 so that intelligent life of a woman's advice

Before you give up the person or to give up your people, late-night call to you, hang up after the shutdown. If he waited at the window, remember taut curtain. Not your hard-hearted, but any pain experienced after the breakup will have a crack, patch no matter how well can not be restored. Better to just let it in the past.

1, if a man began to neglect you, ask you to leave him. Do not know how to pamper your man whom not to accept defeat, let alone continue to pay for your tenderness and love.

2, at any time, and not to a negative mind sad man, the woman must know how to hurt, the final injury was to his chest. If the man is relentless, and you hurt more than his heart, so pack up sadness, good life.

3, never-ending you like the man around the turn, even though you like him do about Taoxintaofei of the dead, and also still have to learn to give him space, otherwise you have to be careful too tight strangle Chande him.

4, when a man say to you: break up. Please do not cry and tears, it should be said with a smile: so you say this a long time. Then turn gone.

5, we must believe in yourself and treat yourself to your life colorful. Do not mistake is to let a person regret it, but to make their life more exciting.

6, each day dressed to go out elegant calm, give your smile to bring different.

7, pairs of well-intentioned man, appreciate your return of shallow smile.

8, after the women's 25-year-old, to learn to care of their skin.

9, If you can not smoke, do not smoke. If you can not drink, do not drink.

10, and then do not go Paojiu Ba depressed. A lonely woman holding a goblet, or smoking, will be added with more a sense of loneliness and sadness.

11, do not aspire to vanity. Vanity is a dose of poison, and become addicted.

12, wear high heels, but do not too much higher.

13, there must be a few diehard followers, alone time, ensure that you still have sworn served tea or bottled water. Rather than trying the cries of the howling sound of why the person can not Say I Love You Laipei you.

14, opened his eyes, choose your future partner, if the election is wrong, immediately separated. Do not improvise off day, that would harm the two people.

15, refrain from, and a man hands. First, you move, but he; second, and your hands must be a mad man. Therefore, it is better still.

16, travel. Travel in the heart can be more substantial.

17, there is drinking tea, reading books, listening to music habits.

18, bought for their own clothes, accessories. Is the best for you, so do not envy someone else's wardrobe.

19, Do not accept a man you do not like to send any gift.

20, one only love one person.

21, know what they want, including your love of men.

22, Ningquewulan. Do not be lonely, whichever one man, which you and he does not fair, but the lack of a sense of responsibility too.

23, for you do not like the pursuit of those who show a good and caring firm say no and reject them. Even if he said, this is not your thing.

24, taken seriously your work. Maybe not as good as the work you love, come heartbeat, but at least be able to guarantee that you have food to eat, a place to live, rather than determined to not love them, therefore, serious efforts to work.

25, available to own at least five or more different colors, styles clothes with a package of more than five pairs of shoes (slippers not included.)

26, Institute of exquisite and elegant makeup. To understand something in what occasion clothing.

27, has missed a good man not to regret it, they do not belong to you, so you have to make up an eyes wide open.

28, do not you fall in love with a married are still left his family and pledged that the child will marry your man. If they really have no feelings will naturally be a divorce, rather than the day you say something inexplicable to say.

29, Valentine's Day or birthday flowers also does not matter that no one, do not have to buy a bouquet for flower sent. You can buy flowers to buy beautiful gifts to give to mom and dad.

30, remember the birthday of the person you like, including your family, of course, himself.

31, you can love a man, but do not own all now lost. No man is worth his life to please you. If you do not love themselves, how could he make others love you?

32, occasionally in a few beautiful private kitchens to him, or old friends to eat. But do not do every day, you are born not to an individual under the kitchen every day.

33, leisure time to cook tea to drink or do their own refreshments to eat, put some tenderness music, read a few pages of books, and then sleep a Lanjue, Yoshiya.

34, experience a crazy thing like, such as crossing the mountains and seas to go to see a human being.

35, no time and energy if not to abuse care in raising small animals, they are also kinds of cruel neglect, though I understand you need a very lonely with.

36, refrain from scholars mahjong playing. Things not to do physical and psychological torture.

37, occasionally listen to their singing to yourself, good or bad is not important, mood can be candid.

38, when the lonely looking for friends chat, shopping, eating. Do not let loneliness drowned himself.

39, If you send short messages to you like someone who does not return. Do not re-issued.

40, if fragile Buxing Liao, please choose the right object of crying, Do not, by the shoulders and chests.

41, out the door, remember to look in the mirror, and check whether the coordination of dress. If time is tight, it is recommended before going to sleep on the selected day clothes.

42, no matter with whom an appointment to meet agreed upon must be reached before the time.

43, 10000 accidentally drunk, do not call anyone, including his best buddies with him.

44, go home at night, he did not car, more than ten Yao Da, taxis, or people to pick.

45, From now on, a little clever, do not ask him want you? Love your? To you or love you, he will naturally help you say, but say it from your mouth, he would be very proud and do not care about you.

46, equal and just treatment of you and his love, a lot of foot ship will eventually Fandiao.

47, a person to a movie. Buy popcorn and Coke, Xiaofan Tian. Or, burst into tears. If you like sports, watch football, Kusi also nobody you, but it is easy and carefree.

48, do not miss the same person 24 hours a day. Can be divided a little to the family and friends.

49, if you like a person, in the permitted circumstances, tell each other. Maybe not the answer, but at least you worked hard and do not have to regret in the future (and perhaps regret that the other side, He He).

50, there are fixed places of entertainment, such as regular coffee shops, bookstores. Let the place of the service to know you, so lonely when you will have a warm place.

51, if you decide to leave a person, action should be quick, cut the Gordian knot; if you decide to fall in love with a person, time stretching a little to see if right for you.

52, looking for someone to do color matching proposals. Gray-headed gray face the day Do not let a brilliant point, do not waste their youth and charming figure.

53, refrain from anything for any person tortured himself. For example do not eat, crying, self-closing, depression, these are only a fool to do. Of course, the occasional silly about the need for life is not always wise.

54, if a man told you he likes you, believe him. If he says no longer love you, but also believe him. At any time, to tell themselves, a person who does not love you to leave, the lucky ones.

55 under any circumstances, do not talk behind other people right and wrong. If we want you to say something good to say.

56, bought himself a comfortable pajamas, sexy is also does not matter.

57, allowing an occasional visit to soap operas, but not to become dependent. Allow occasional disheveled, but to focus on occasion. Ma Zanghua occasionally allowed, but only in front of an old friend or alone, remember said that after going to forget the sense of the kind of carefree.

58, take good care of your hands, it is your second face, but not for this you do not have to share any housework.

59, love their parents, or take the time to call once a week for dinner. (It should be in the previous 10.)

60, need for a personal choice destruction of ID or missing. Love and not love of life will continue to put an end to a good end, so why suffer yourself?

61, wearing a texture of clothes, looking for a quality boyfriend. He may not be very rich, but must make you feel secure and happy.

62, room must have flowers, remember that changing the water. If you want to travel, clean up after going out, do not come back to face a room of mosquitoes and insects.

63, free time to their own point of wearing a favorite fragrance, so that fragrance filling the room. Pleasure.

64, eat all you want. In order to maintain shape empty yourself, which is the beauty of the world's most stupid.

65, if possible, as far as possible with long hair. Short hair really easy to take care of some, but always less showtime feminine.

66, whim, they can help him clothes, bought socks, but do not self-assertion for him to buy underwear. Let him wear what he was wearing what.

67, If any man says to let your embarrassment, then forgive him. Be forgiven a man who will eventually be sorry to lose a girlfriend, like you are so tolerant.

68, there is a minimum of two years, the need to reach goals. Targeted life will not be too boring.

69, if the unfortunate event of more than one bed for the purpose of discarding your men, please smile, and despise him: you are in this life I met the most sordid of the most incompetent man. Then use the best way to head and do not back away.

70, if a man is busy with his reason for not come to visit your illness, do not go back to your e-mail, do not care about your status, you can not bear the burden of life, can not give you courage. Courage that leave the country voluntarily. Nothing is more concerned about their own really. And a person who does not love you, you pay more, he no matter how good it is nothing but a waste of time and effort.

71, if there had been like you, but is now married a man say to you: He can not forget you, you always been his favorite person. Please calm tell him: life, like a man. You do, both to remain calm, but also to respect and care for another woman. It makes you more attractive.

72, often to physical exercise. To be a quiet forest sister of course good, but good health is more important.

73, refrain from eating on the road willy-nilly, it erred lady style. (Especially eating barbecue, and so indecent behavior)

74, innocent and pure and good. However, regardless of the innocence of occasions, will become an act of idiocy.

75, there must be a few male friends, there is no unnatural, when you can get the chest when aggrieved sandbags to you hammer, you can help him come up with ideas with a girl, and can be the night he was pulling up from the bed to go far away to pick you up. Of course, the first thing you want to make him a girlfriend or wife recognized you. Otherwise, do not try.

76, learn to bear the pain. Some of his words, suitable for rotten in their hearts, some pain, for silent forgotten. When experienced, you grow up, and he knows like. A lot of changes, do not you have said, others will see.

77, the family prepared drugs commonly used to determine when the disease can not, hurry to the hospital.

78, Do not wait for a man to buy you a gift, want to own good time to buy on his own. Would be more comfortable with them.

79, do not leave a man, after an attempt to use revenge to live. Nazhi make your life chaotic. The correct approach is a better life than before. And tell him: you live a good, happy, let him do not worry.

80, If you go shopping, remember to wear comfortable shoes. Nice that they are reflected in the details of.

81, have time to learn yoga or taekwondo. The former allows you to relax physically and mentally, which can be self-defense.

82, at home and office drawers were empty cells put out a snack.

83, separated clean-room and the physical and psychological. Redundant items sent to people in need, remember the heart is not amused and timely removal. Do not let a busy life and spend a beautiful face of depressed.

84, no ugly people, only lazy woman. Reluctant to use time to dress a woman, please do not right the other a beautiful woman may feel jealous resentment.

85, no occasion, to maintain proper conservation. Learn to say thank you, it is tough you are, sorry. Wrong things I want to know how to apologize and to turn over.

86, for those who do not want contact, not invited to eat a cup of coffee, even if only a money. No follow-up contacts between the development and hope that would be a waste of people's money and feelings is called pleasure-seeking. Aspire to lead people to look down on women's vanity. If it is because of the friends of the sensibilities moved not open, I remember that AA system.

87, for you do not want to contact the person sent gifts, sent back to unchanged. This is a matter of principle.

88, has its own outlook on life and values. Problems can be patient and to find a solution, but it touched on the principle, to maintain their principles. The loss of the principle of the purpose of life will make you lose.

89, can not and people try to avoid quarrels. An angry person who is very frightening, would become insane due to no control over emotions.

90, to buy objects can bargain, but if they do not care to find more of your money to go back. Not to lose a man greedy little meaning.

91, public places, giving easy trip, especially the elderly. You will get old, respect for the elderly is to respect your later years.

92, if not Renpei, learn to listen to music, watching a person's written text. This is a good habit.

93, oral cavity will not have odor. Portable breath freshener and the makeup of the object. Do not really think that makeup is a kind of beauty. Chewing gum after eating to use wrap up discarded trash. Understand that spitting is the uncivilized behavior and rigorously enforce the ban.

94, the person before you give up or give up your people, late-night call to you, hang up after the shutdown. If he waited at the window, remember taut curtain. Not your hard-hearted, but any pain experienced after the breakup will have a crack, patch no matter how well can not be restored. Better to just let it in the past.

95, love that love you people. If only that you love him, or just that he loves you. Separated early as possible. Women do not need others to pretend to love, you do not need to pretend to love someone.

96, If you can, and those who love walking hand. Before the find, learn to enjoy the scenery itself.

97, right you are not willing to do say no loudly. For example catering, on your turn to drink, and you poor, they can tea on behalf of the wine, instead of swallowed their anger drunk.

98, regardless of the contradictions and uncomfortable, and who has to solve the time should not exceed 24 hours. Otherwise, there will be more trouble. In the context of an acceptable first apology. Pieces of yourself doing the villain is not really a bad thing.

99, I believe that love at first sight of love, I believe people will always have a corner of the years quietly waiting for you. Only that you want to keep their eyes open, carefully looking for.

100, to be a wise woman. Learn to face life calmly. To face life, life will certainly be as you wish, as tomorrow morning, the sun still will, as when rising

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