Friday, January 29, 2010

Sensitive parts of the body 5 women how to properly clean

As a woman taking a bath you do? Heard this a lot of people will be rolling. May be some sensitive areas that are really particular about how to clean. Some people fear that does not wash clean, a hammer to twist, it has been often overlooked them, both undesirable.

  A neck

Neck, and ear is the site of accumulation of dirt and easy to love is often energetically rub clean, but should pay attention to the neck and easy to grow small filaments warts, once the rub broken, it will cause infection. Application of finger pulp upward gently rub back and forth.

2, armpit

Armpit sweat glands is rich in hot water bath is not available when the stimulus is not suitably bath towel and vigorously rub. Rinse with warm water arm can be lifted due to the more lax axillary skin, can be rubbed out of a rich bubble bath liquid after washing them, and then pulp Anrou, promote blood circulation.

3, nipple

Women commonly used warm water to wash the nipple, but to protect the breast. Non-breast and nipple retraction force can not be forced rub should be single-handedly light-up care of breast, and the other fingers Qingrou abdomen in a clockwise direction. Pregnant women may wipe some olive oil, after bath, make the breast skin moisture and resilient, can stand the baby to suck after birth, or prone to chapped nipple.

  4, perineum

Perineal cleaning important and should be washed daily with water, timely removal of excreta, secretions, can also be the nature of the soft Toiletries cleaning. Bathing should be separated from the size of women's labia from front to back cleaning secretions; the best have to clean the anus after defecating, washing away the dirt in the folds of the anus, but also effectively prevent hemorrhoids.

5, groin

Shower should be washed with warm water groin, and use two fingers on the down stroke Qingcuo pulp from the groin. Obesity will have to sweep aside the folds carefully scrub.

In addition, these positions is best not to use Cuozao towel scrub that can be used instead of the soft cotton bath.

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