Friday, January 8, 2010

Fairy and Ladies will be the election of men Which?

Lady and the fairy, one is Yun-long, red wine flavor, a potent full liquor; a tranquil lake was intoxicated people, one from time to time set off waves of the sea. Lady and the fairy, to do what's best for his wife, then, this is a problem for men.

  Pro "Shu" to send a man: to do lady's husband, enjoy a quiet happiness

A woman can be branded lady of title, the body needs at least have such a number of characteristics: beautiful, elegant, strong, rational, bookish, understanding. These are the qualities no matter which one, has a strong appeal to men, so since ancient times, men want to marry lady wife, that means marry a perfect woman, not only to show off in front of friends, but also to make greatly enhanced their own tastes. A lady can do her husband's man, a gentleman must be a man, only in this way can we truly enjoy the lady wife to bring pleasure.

My first impression of the lady's cousin, and she liked the white dress, long braids, bright eyes with a quiet smile, the most mischievous boys also appeared in front of her shy, willing to accept her request, not embarrass the classroom to teachers. This is the lady power. She does not need too many words, who are already getting some of the temperament of the men spontaneous respect and attention. Therefore, the re-arrogant man to a lady in front has become an obedient little sheep.

She likes to smile, is a good listener, This is exactly play into the hands of men. They need a woman have the patience to listen to his ambition, even if she did out of some far-fetched plan, will encourage you, I believe you, her eyes firmly let you find the strength, which is very important for men, there are ladies companionship, you will unwittingly become a warrior.

  Fans "witch" to send a man: I love the little goblin, the more fun the more demon

Fairy born with the talent of men confused, her smile a frown, without exception, shows a charming, people unable to stop. Quiet, as in shallow fish swim, feast for the eyes; violent, such as when grasping sexy kitten in your face, with a few innocuous wounds; happiness, such as when the summer of iced drinks you drink a quintana comfortable. Such a woman to teach men how do not like?

Elfen Yaoqi doomed her Smart, when she was in the mood, but also play a back ladies wear dresses to meet men's needs, Xijinqianhua fresh, give birth to a very fascinated by atmosphere. However, this is not the fairy nature, she likes the way as she will live to become dynamic. She will always have countless trick, the confused life of the city's buzzing, and she liked to her "demon according to" When the wallpaper on your cell phone; take advantage of when you are asleep, use lipstick painted your toes; to your selection T-shirt, she was the first to consider the pink, light green ... ... she is a fairy, nature does not give you only do ordinary men. Please do not resist, resistance is also invalid, the entire fairy hands of countless people over Baby, you have only complementary copies.

Friends Stepford Wives is a full fairy a day dress dressed success, it has also refused to get down how to do Huanglian Po Elfen movements. So, friends often experience this kind of embarrassment that, even with his wife in the mall, they accidentally run into colleagues, my colleagues have encountered no problem is that his eyes were full of ambiguous finds out you have blue apricot walls, because of someone's The wife would be virtually neck was found hanging in her husband, lipstick the color of fresh, such as the Rose? Even Aunt neighborhoods have even advised his attention to the impact of married people how could mix with other women.

This hard to explain what Tao unknown, although a little embarrassed, but teach people is full of excitement.

Men's lives are full of pressure, more than a fairy close to his wife, as to carry a pistachio, you do not miss Which restaurant food delicious, the bartenders of the most authentic pub, Elf has always been actively involved in your life, and help you remember 11.

Choose fairy wife, equivalent to choose a brave game, in your life, and always will be challenges. Go to amusement parks, do you think she would and your romantic waves in an artificial lake paddling a boat do? No, she would choose such a people frightened pirate ship the item, so please carefully choose goblin men timid wife.

Fairy are generally handsome, lively temperament, absolute is a conductor of electricity, therefore, and with her always to prepare a fly swatter, to meet unexpected needs. We should know that all the world like the fairy one man can be more than you.

  Tips: Want to marry a man fairy home a must to master a few on the fairy's Keywords: alternative, avant-garde, tricks, Funny. If you do not accept these terms, please do not trespassing fans "monster" faction square, demonization of marriage in your useless, but also very likely that you damaged sperm La Tortura. Fortunately, you can also switched to a thought, a back injury can be goblin men, shows love road is still very promising.

Lady's always an attentive warm spring breezes, intimate breakfast, delicious meals, and she in the kitchen wearing aprons always maintained a clean state. She sat in the living room talking about a recent reading of the book, do you think she does not other-worldly air, but the tea in your hands is clearly out of her brew tea table, a small snack as well as her own hands grilled. Ladies need to do all the characters require as much as possible intact, do not you go worry about transformation. Married to a lady, it means to enjoy a quiet life.

  Tips: Ladies course some time ago provoked much discussion, they can ensure the short-term packaged as an ordinary woman, pearl-like radiance of the ladies, not to mention how effective is the preference of men can be seen on the ladies. This is also favorite ladies of the men out of a problem, they may be to go to a discerning lady of the crash course, or bother to try to recover the wife might be a pseudo-lady

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