Friday, January 8, 2010

Women diet to lose weight the best mode

The human body can beVolumeThe main source of carbohydrates, while the consumption of excessive amounts of theFatWould mean an increase in excess body weight.

ScientistsResearchFound that some of the same to eatFood Some women sharpen your fat, but some weight is moderate, because the natural lot, but with food matching is not unrelated to scientific and rational. They summed up this rule and B two formula:

A: fats and oils (steak, butter, etc.) + carbohydrates (flour, potatoes) = weight gain

B: fats and oils (steak, butter, etc.) +Vegetables +Beans = Weight Loss

It is obvious that is suitable for fat men and fat woman was on BRecipes , While the bean sprouts-type figure who might by a species of recipes to eat what they need, the satisfaction of all.

Next you recommend for a kind of specialColorAre more suited to the Chinese women's fitDietaryBest Mode ─ ─ "1-7" diet mode, that is, a piece of fruit each day, two vegetables, three tablespoons of vegetable oil, Siwan rough rice, five copies of the protein food, six kinds ofCondiments , 7 cups water, tea or soup.

A piece of fruit: eat withVitaminsRich in fresh fruits for at least one, for many years maintained that they would receive a clearSkin beautyEffect.

2 Vegetables: Every day should be eating a variety of vegetables and two cultivars, do not eat a vegetable. One day there must be a seasonal vegetables are fresh, dark green color.

The best food of some green onions, tomatoes. Chilled celery, radishes, tender lettuce leaves, so that in the heat of the cookingVitamins A, B1 and other damage. Per person per day, the actual intake of vegetables, should be maintained at around 400 grams.

3 tablespoons vegetable oil: the daily call to the oil cookedLimited3 spoons, preferably vegetable oil that is edible vegetable oil, unsaturated fats such smooth skin, slender body shape, maintenanceCardiovascularHealth benefit by it.

Siwan rough rice: Every day four bowls of coarse grains of rice to the United States Zhuang physical beauty movements. To overcome the habit of finishing staple and resist the temptation of delicious snacks.

Five copies of protein foods: eat 50 grams of the meat of any animal, of course, preferably lean meat, 50 grams of fish of any kind (except for bone weight); 200 grams of tofu or soy products; eggs 1;MilkOrMilkGranules 1 cup. This kind of plant proteins with low-fat meal in a high-fat animalProtein, Or vegetable protein with a small amount of animal protein meal approach, not only economical, but also fat and cholesterol reduction is recognized as a "body-building cooking model."

Six kinds of small amount of seasoning: salt and other major bittersweet condiment, as indispensable to the daily cooking condiments, They have to makeDishesAnd improve its flavor, improveAppetite To reduce the greasy, detoxification sterilization, Shujinhuoxue, protection of vitamin C, to reduce the loss of water-soluble vitamins, the body to maintain osmotic pressure andBloodAcid-base balance, maintaining nerve and muscle to external stimulation and rapid response capacity, as well as regulating physiological and different functions such as beauty and fitness.

7 cups water, tea and soup: drink plenty of water not less than seven cups a day to supplement body fluids, promote metabolism, improve their health. To drink less sugar or with pigmentBeverages.

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