Monday, January 18, 2010

More children with high IQs and his father play

United Kingdom carried out a large-scale study, results showed that: with his father more time to spend with their children, will be more intelligent, but also have the opportunity to board more than the father's social class.

Study was funded by Newcastle University, who led the research report from the school behavior and evolution of writing, Senior Lecturer Daniel Nettle. The subjects were 17000 in March 1958 in the same week the British-born babies, the researchers conducted a half-century later follow-up survey. The results showed that accompany his father's help for their children in order to develop a higher, an advantage that their children before the age of 42, there has been. As for all the responsibilities of taking care of their children to the wife's father, their children in personal development with children of single-parent families is no different.

The study also found that "the social - economic status" (ie income, education, occupation and health aspects of four levels) a higher father, more time will be spent on their children. In addition, the son of his father, accompanied by more readily available, but the father accompanied his son and daughter there is no difference between the benefits

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