Sunday, January 10, 2010

Why do men like touching a woman's chest

, according to research mathematicians, men's hands stretch of the arc formed when the woman's chest with the convex arc very consistent.
2, according to medical scientists study, a man who places the least moisture hands, while women found a place where most water is the chest.
3, according to study massage at home, women hand-massage the best place for men is a man following with bottom crotch, while the man hands to massage the best place for a woman is the chest.
4, according to esthetician study, the posture of the coolest men is to fight with people waving from the moment, while the woman is the most beautiful gesture of the chest slightly to straighten the moment.
5, according to literary studies, men's hands, a woman places with the most inspired to write articles, while the woman's chest is a man inspired to write articles up position.
6, according to geographers study, the strongest part of the toughness of a man who is the hands, while the toughness of a woman who is the weakest place is the most flexible chest.
7, according to psychologists study, men women, when first desire is to touch the chest, the second is the end of crotch to the non-offensive.
8, according to biologists study, men and women born of physical interaction, such as a man's bottom line beyond which a woman's crotch, as well as bottomless crotch, while the man's hands and a woman's chest as well.
9, according to historians study the history of a number of eunuchs in their hands the last basically powerless, but has not been the emperor's concubine had patronize the chest, the whole becomes soft and loosely.
10, according to sports scientists study, men often hand touching a woman's chest can enhance the toughness, while women are often men, can also increase the water stroked his chest, for the next generation of child feeding, it is rather good

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