Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mahogany is very lonely man's heart

Live in this colorful world, the men met with numerous good woman knowing each other, often most exciting feeling. But most men are good at self-discipline, they know what they are most needed and to pinpoint their own position, to hold their own share of emotions.

Here is what I call Her comments, is the kind of never know what they were bound, they just like a balloon, the wind rampant. On the surface, they are scenery, wherever, there is about a woman accompanied. However, secretly, their lonely than anyone else because they do not own a genuine affection.

Her comments has never been no shortage of sex, their sexual outlet as a means of widespread indiscriminate shelling. However, sex is not only distraction can not be lonely, but will brightened up melancholy.

There was one thing you can drive away loneliness, and that is the truth. But this is the most extreme shortage of men helping them.

A good woman broad and warm one's heart, soul men parking bays, there is no one good woman can be open-minded and willing to carry Her comments changed sinking, heart-shaped. As a result, Her comments have nowhere to shelter, also can not enjoy the real fun has the truth.

There will not be a good woman Her comments in the refrigerator for the bird to leave the largest apple; not have a good woman Her comments to go and admonished, "Be careful driving"; not have a good woman a good meal over and over again waiting for the geothermal Her comments to come back for dinner; they would not bother to bring good woman chasing a man to catch a morning shift, when he wants to feed him an egg; they would not bother to bring a good woman threw herself to a man's arms like a baby; not bother to bring a good woman to a man's head on her bosom, and gently pulling his hair ... ... Jisi good man to enjoy all that bother to bring a man in there can only be a daydream.

Her comments from the thought that women played with more than live up to this world trip. In fact, the end of the day, in addition to its digital apart from the empty, he not catch anything.

As a result, helping them only in the dead of night when a man, over and over again breakdown of his booty: a platoon, a company or a reinforced company, to fill his very emptiness.

So, when the time helping a man asserting himself played when the number of women, it is by no means to show off, but a lament, one become a "bus" and helpless lament.

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