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What sort of position of the most fresh food Fang Bingxiang

Festival to the refrigerator into a woman cook stock up on food cooked husband had a "big warehouse", "Recycle Bin", start with the mouth, this refrigerator has become a reflection of family health storage rooms.

■ distinction between different levels, kept separately

Some people buy the food home, or the leftovers packaged directly thrown into the refrigerator. At any time, as long as an open refrigerator, which is always a mess. In fact, the food placed in the refrigerator is very demanding, if the location does not, the temperature is not right, the quality of food would also be greatly affected.

In general, the refrigerator door the temperature of the highest, near the posterior wall of the temperature minimum; fridge warmer upper and the lower cooler; Food Container rarely flip, and proximity to the lower, so where the lowest temperature. Therefore, we may in accordance with the temperature sequence, the fridge freezer is divided into several regions: refrigerator door frame, the top near the door at the upper posterior wall of the Department, the lower by the door, the lower posterior wall of the Department, Food Container. At present, many fresh refrigerator temperature zone is the area of food preservation for the problem developed.

Experts on the refrigerator with four temperature zones for food storage had carried out a nutritional testing. Experimental data show that: Ice greenhouse for the maintenance of chlorophyll and green leafy vegetables was significantly higher than the refrigerator, well maintained chlorophyll content of these fruits and vegetables, green leafy vegetables to prevent yellowing. Fruit is the human body to obtain an important source of vitamin C, fruits, greenhouse after 15 days of ice storage, vitamin C, than the freezer to maintain the rate of 5% ~ 21% higher. The period of meat and fresh milk, ice greenhouse than the refrigerator to extend 1 to 3 days. Suitable for a lower rearward Department are: not cooking and cooked, but require low-temperature preservation of food, water bean curd, salted kelp silk, etc., as well as close packing is not afraid of cross-contamination of food, as well as waiting to slowly thaw the food suitable for stored in the coldest areas, such as the lower posterior. Storage Box fits inside are: row sour frozen meat, semi-thaw fish, shrimp and other seafood. The bacteria in aquatic products is often due to low temperature, the temperature slightly easier to accelerate their breeding grounds and Storage Box can play a role in isolation to prevent cross-contamination, but also has thermal insulation effect, to avoid frequent switching temperature fluctuations generated by Refrigerator Door. Fits in refrigerator door shelves are: packaging, but opened the letters, does not by itself in 1 to 2 days, bad food, such as tomato sauce, salad dressing, sesame, seafood sauce, cheese, butter, jam, fruit juice, etc. as well as eggs, salted duck eggs and other food products. Fits through the door at the top are: direct entrance of cooked food, yogurt, desserts and so on. Save these foods should avoid the temperature is too low, and to prevent cross-contamination between raw and cooked foods, it should not be placed on the lower deck. Suitable for a top post on the list are left at meals, leftover milk, packaging, and other soy products. Because these foods can easily be contaminated, slightly lower than the freezing temperature of the most preferable. Fits through the door at the lower there are a variety of vegetables and apples, pears and other fruits, but used fresh packaged well, so as to avoid low temperatures caused damaged by frost.

■ use of qualified plastic wrap, to ensure food freshness

We all know that to eat the remaining food must be put into the refrigerator food container can be stored, it will be very easy modification; however, we do not usually think of coming back was just the procurement of food preservation because of their "corruption" is not easy to detect The. However, it is difficult to detect such a "degenerate" sneaking away food, water and nutrients effectively, so that their taste and nutritional value they would be otherwise.

Fresh food needs of the three factors - temperature, humidity, gas. Into the refrigerator to ensure temperature, humidity and gas, but can not be guaranteed. Ordinary plastic bags can not be sealed food will not be able to maintain the natural moisture, but also can stop the gas flow. Not only that, a lot of plastic bags are not food-specific, and may contain toxic substances, harmful to human security. Qualified wrap the basic non-hazardous substances, and can be isolated to some extent, gas flow and moisture loss, they still have some fresh features. But its sealing function is very limited, so the effect of preservation is not very good. Food Storage bags to use than plastic wrap is more convenient and easier access to food. However, its sealing function and preservation of film is not very different, and even sometimes slightly worse than the number of plastic wrap. Mall, a variety of colors and sizes Storage Box has attracted more and more people's attention. Storage Box at the bottom of a simple identity: Material resin, the most resistant to high temperature 120 ℃, minimum temperature -20 ℃.

Experts said: Refrigerator Storage Box for food preservation is good for, it can guarantee that people will try to isolate placement of food to prevent cross-contamination, and it has effectively solved the problem of food preservation, use of storage space. However, experts advise the use of refrigerators Storage Box There are several considerations: From the freezer room out Food Container, do not immediately open place at room temperature for 1-2 minutes later turn to be good. When used in the microwave oven, if the oil content of food and more sugar than if the temperature has risen sharply in the circumstances, would deform Storage Box. Therefore, heating the food, it is best to use microwave-specific boxes. Carbonated beverages (soft drinks, cola, etc.) Food Container seal capacity of the bubble would the loss of food or a sparkling fermented food, hot food, etc. Food Container sealing performance will decrease, please try to avoid plastic box stored in such a食物. The preservation of different food at different times, do not rely solely on Food Container sealing capability as soon as food is better.

■ Some foods can not enter the refrigerator, and some food in the refrigerator should not be long

More recently, experts on the vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, milk and other food products have been classified in various types of tests, experiments show that the traditional refrigerator temperature control due to preservation of range, the impact of different foods on the temperature adaptability, would be unable to guarantee that all food can be in the best state of preservation. For example, Apple's optimum storage temperature 0 ℃ ~ 1 ℃, while the cucumber is 7 ℃ ~ 8 ℃, if put together these two kinds of food storage, will "double squeeze", when consumers will be eating their mouth , most of the nutrients have been refrigerators to "steal" away. Therefore, some foods can not be into the refrigerator.

Banana: the refrigerator, then turn black, the taste is not good; bread: the loss of moisture will affect the taste and the season is not easy to moldy in the refrigerator is best not to save, be sure to Fangbing Xiang, the best placed in the freezer Village preservation; fresh litchi: Fresh lychees at 0 ℃ environment to take a day, dark skin, flesh taste; mayonnaise: In the 9 ℃ below mayonnaise easy to break down, fungi are also easy to breed, so it is best kept under room temperature; potatoes and turnips: potatoes into the refrigerator, then to a large extent influence taste, it should be placed in the sun room is not preserved; radish on the refrigerator so the long-term color and taste will be affected; carrots and tofu: carrot on the refrigerator, then in which cold water will affect the texture, nutrition will be lost, tofu is best eaten soon after purchase; tomatoes: tomatoes by low-temperature refrigeration, the meat was blister-like, looked soft rotten, or there spallation phenomenon, the surface of black spot , cooking unfamiliar, no flavor, rancidity is a serious decay; Ham: ham into the refrigerator if the low-temperature storage, in which the water would be frozen, fat deposition, ham, or a loose agglomeration of meat, meat taste, easy to corrupt ; Chocolate: chocolate, after cold storage in the refrigerator, once removed, at room temperature under the conditions that would bear on its surface a layer of white frost, easily, degradation, loss of flavor.

Refrigerator is not a food preservation and storage safes. Many diseases is derived from the refrigerator to eat is not fresh or have been caused by contaminated food. People in the refrigerator to store raw and cooked foods often occurs mixed with food, put the phenomenon, resulting in food contamination or deterioration, resulting in re-contamination of food. Refrigerator freezer temperature is generally about 0 ℃ ~ 5 ℃, which the propagation of the temperature for most bacteria are inhibited. However, some psychrophilic bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella typhi, Staphylococcus aureus and so on are still very active. Their large population of natural causes of food deterioration. Therefore, the consumption of such foods, it will cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, dizziness, and other systemic symptoms. This is what people do not know the "refrigerator food poisoning." In order to prevent the "refrigerator food poisoning", the family may be considering the selection of -18 ℃ low temperature freezers, which for the home food preservation and storage, and to reduce pollution of food and then have a good effect. Cooked food in the refrigerator for a time not too long, in general, bacteria are not cold and heat, in the heat quickly die. In the refrigerator to use the process, to long-term maintenance of internal refrigerator clean, raw, cooked food should be sub-open, and storage time can not be too long.

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