Friday, January 29, 2010

5 kinds of private parts hurt the women's movement carefully

Many women have this experience, that is, during a period of exercise, the overall feel pain in certain parts of the body, such as the lower abdomen, joints, spine, and so on.

Health experts point out that women's unique physical structure and physiological cycles, so that women in the end should be how to avoid sports-related injuries has become a long plagued women's issues. The relevant experts have summed up under the specific circumstances of the following five points to draw the female friend, especially the younger girls have close attention.

1, genital trauma

If you accidentally activities, such as the external genitals and the bicycle seat, beams, or other hard object collision, then it is prone to genital hematoma, serious injuries urethra and vagina, and even the pelvic. This is especially to arouse the attention of young girls, because they are often overlooked in the movement of their body protection.
2, menstrual abnormalities

Foreign experts to investigate the girls engaged in more physical activity, menstrual abnormalities accounted for a large proportion of the performance of multi-delayed menarche, irregular cycles, secondary amenorrhea and so on, and the amount of exercise the greater the later age at menarche. The reason was mainly due to the strong suppression of hypothalamic function of games, resulting in endocrine system dysfunction, affecting the body's normal levels of sex hormones, which interferes with the normal menstrual cycle of the formation and.

3, ovarian rupture

Violent activity, snatch weight, abdominal compression, collision, etc. can cause ovarian rupture, which appears lower abdominal pain, and even spread to the whole abdomen. Ovarian rupture generally occurs in the first 10-18 days of the menstrual cycle, of which 80% of the corpus luteum or corpus luteum cyst rupture, abdominal puncture with blood.

4 endometriosis

Strenuous exercise has the potential to menstrual blood reflux into the pelvic cavity from the uterine cavity, with the blood flow of endometrial debris may be grown in the ovaries, forming cysts. Got endometriosis, patients often appear progressive worsening dysmenorrhea, but also a common cause of infertility.

5, uterine prolapse

Women do overload exercise, especially weightlifting training will increase abdominal pressure, causing a temporary decline in the uterus, but does not appear prolapsed uterus. If the long-term overload movement, uterine prolapse occurs. Some tests, the uterus of women in the normal position when the load 20 kg, no significant change in cervical position; load 40 kg, the apparent downward shift on the cervix

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