Sunday, January 31, 2010

People still do first things first?

How a man, textbooks do not teach the boss, colleagues do not directly speak. This lesson, there is no semester, there will be no diploma, so "Learning to be "is not a class after class, not graduate, many people do not learn a whole lifetime learning. But that is life, the workplace, and the bureaucratic one of the most important lesson. People often ask, do things to bear, or a man given top priority? do "good" or do "own"? "karma good", will become "abuse a good person?" Why do some people always built up a network, it has been always enemies everywhere? These give you endless trouble, but to find not answer the difficult problem, attempts have been through a variety of people's personal experience, for your grown up on a tried and tested wisdom.

Malcolm in the Middle! Or an official hard? I think in this world, the official may be more difficult. One might know that the mid-century emperor Du Yuesheng in Shanghai said,Life with three bowls of "noodles" distastefulThe first scene and second, the money side and the third is human face, which is the human face the most difficult to eat. Du Yuesheng Officer No? Should be also, gangster bigwigs. In the underworld, he realize "difficult people" the truth. He believes that is difficult to bowl unpalatable hailed the "face", why? Almost all a lot of corrupt officials in the courts of repentance, but it is nothing but hard on the human farther and farther, the more greedy the greater. How a man in the school was to teach me? No one will teach out of the society is no one would dare to teach, so that people would have by instinct, and constantly in the human dilemma, the ability to learn to be. Although not easy, but not without context to be found. As long as you can clear first about a man, the major questions: for example, in the end is the work important, or a man important? Work, or a man?

First entered the job market a lot of young people, relied on intelligence, always felt that "power is everything," a man does not matter. For better themselves, not face to face scoff, that is, behind the complaint.In general, young people easily fall into "doing" than "a man" important thought, because of doing things well-targeted, short-term can be pinpointing, input and feedback is very direct. On the contrary, a man must face "the same kinds of people will raise a hundred meters," the different roles of adaptation and test, be careful that the long-term accumulation, can not be immediate, and with the job promotion, the role to become more complicated, the difficulty is also increasingly high.

The trade-offs in the investment rate of return, the importance of a man often turn a blind eye, in order to excel, and her job and that there really are things in life, "the principle of proportionality." Voice of experience: 5 years before entering the workplace, take at least 80% of the effort to do things in school, another 20% spent on learning a man on. With the increasingly skilled work skills, reduce the time needed to do things, we must increase the proportion of more attention spent on learning in life. When people still care about doing things, you was able to expose a man's ability to start

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