Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The six cases is not easy to drink soy milk

Milk can improve bone metabolism and prevention of osteoporosis, reduce the risk of atherosclerosis. However, experts pointed out that milk is not perfect, it contains some anti-nutritional factors, is not conducive to the body's digestion and absorption of nutrients, but harmful to health.

Soy milk adds to the growing attention of zinc ★

For example beans contain inhibitors, saponins hormone and lectin, which are bad for the body material. The best way to deal with them is to cook soy milk, long-term consumption of soy milk do not forget those who are deficient in zinc.

Special reminder:

Experts point out that a friend with the following diseases or Douhua soy-free access to the delicious food. Acute gastritis and chronic superficial gastritis are advised not to eat soy products, so as not to add too much to stimulate gastric acid secretion in the patient's condition or cause flatulence.

★ 1. Soymilk partial nature of the cold, indigestion, belch gas and renal function were bad, the best drink less milk. In addition, the soybean milk under the action of the enzyme Nengchan gas, so abdominal distension and diarrhea were better not to drink milk. "" Self-made soybean milk Note steak

★ 2. Soymilk Village can not add brown sugar, brown sugar, which because of a variety of organic acids, milk inside them and protease combination tends to precipitate denatured proteins, are not easily absorbed by the body. The sugar would not have this phenomenon.

★ 3. Some people like to use warm bottled milk to heat, this approach undesirable because of thermos flask inside temperature and humidity conditions are conducive to bacterial growth. In addition milk soap inside the toxins inside the thermos bottle can also dissolve scale, drank hazardous to human health. "" Why did not fully cooked soymilk toxic

★ 4. As the milk is made from soybeans, but soybeans which Han Piaoling are good, and are cold foods, so there are symptoms of gout, fatigue, physically weak, mental fatigue and other physical symptoms of those who are not suitable for drinking Deficiency with milk.

★ 5. Soymilk will not only have to boil, and in boiled milk must also be open the lid, it is because only the open lid can make soy milk with the water vapor inside the volatile harmful substances out. "" Drink soy milk are also contraindicated

★ 6. Still need to be reminded that the milk must not be taken together with antibiotics such as erythromycin, because both happen to be antagonistic chemical fat, drink milk with antibiotics interval preferably more than 1 hour

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