Monday, January 25, 2010

Psychologists, the most beautiful woman in the eyes

Everyone concerned about their appearance, even though they can not really determine our own thing. If faces can increase good health a lot of self-confidence, even against his own life and career will bring many opportunities, especially for women, especially.

Many people have no confidence in their appearance, remember that there are "blog The Queen," "Television talented woman + beautiful woman," said Xu Jinglei has also spoken about the image of their own have had an inferiority complex. In fact, this is normal, because man is born with a sense of inferiority on this from the world of strangers and fear. Among these there is a significant number of people are dissatisfied with their external image, even though she (he) had in some people seem to have been outsiders are superior varieties, but there is always a lot of people will resolutely beauty Brave beauty into the hospital to carry out sophisticated cosmetic surgery, although subjected to some of the pain of the flesh, but an elaborately carved for themselves in exchange for the satisfaction of their faces after the order is worth.

What kind of faces that are the most beautiful and most Peugeot it?

Two psychologists have attempted through technological means to solve this mystery, please enjoy the bar next to their masterpiece, to see if it matches your taste, of course, this is just a pair of Western men and women face, but surely will have a considerable reference the value of bar.

But we do not want to see is, this picture will make the world the birth of a sudden create a unified appearance in many years, if it happens in this world will become both the terror crazy.

This group portrait looked thin, the majority of people will love this attractive men and women. This is not surprising, because they are not real people, but the University of St. Andrews (University of St. Andrews) of the two psychologists, a few days ago according to the proportion of the human face of the golden section and the majority of people's aesthetic standards, using a computer-synthesized out of the most beautiful male and female faces, and said symmetrical face is beautiful.

The two psychologists - the Commission - Wo Ake and David - Peret (David Perrett) in experiments using facial photographs of women that can generate a computer, and invited men to be evaluated. By the experimenter using image synthesis techniques to build the minds of the most satisfying image of women.

By the experimenter in building the image of two choices: make it a very feminine, or to tend to masculine. The study found that more and more features as the female experimenter's satisfaction more and more, these features include a smooth curve of the jaw, full lips, high cheekbones and large eyes, and so on.

If the experiment does not impose restrictions on women in the face by the experimenter to build a similar Nicole - Kidman, or "Tomb Raider" and Laura - Crawford characteristics. The researchers also found that symmetrical men more than women favor the face.

A similar approach can also test out the perfect male face. Studies have shown that the perfect male face, including angular jaw, eye brow is relatively small, the eyebrows thicker and thinner lips, and so on. Schwarzenegger is to have representatives of these features. However, the researchers also found that, even if do not have these very masculine characteristics, women are still likely to be appreciated. Representation of the face is Brad - Pitt.

The researchers said that "beauty" in human evolution is not a useless waste, but a "biological decoration," the opposite sex used to display their information.

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