Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy smile for 10 minutes a day can help weight loss

Smile, how much power consumption for the purpose of the study, U.S. researchers at Vanderbilt University 90 volunteers will be placed in a special room, this room can detect people's consumption of oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide emissions. This is a measure of the energy consumption of the human body the best way.

The researchers asked the volunteers who do not speak, do not walk, could only sit in a chair watching TV. Vanderbilt University researcher Maciej Schusky Ibrahim said: "The first to the volunteers to see the scenery of some very silly film. In the meantime, we have measured their resting metabolic rates."

Since then, the researchers played them comedy clips in paragraph 5, each lasted about 10 minutes. Comedy for volunteers laughed. At the same time giving them to detect heart rate, respiratory condition, etc., and with the resting state of the data for comparison. The results showed that, they laugh a serious condition than the state consumes more than 20% of calories.

The researchers calculated that if 10-day, happy smile, assigned to 15 minutes, you can consume 50 kilocalories. This means that you can lose weight 2 kg per year

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