Saturday, January 23, 2010

Which direction is more fragrant wrists sleep?

Senior Chinese medicine experts said, to know how to sleep, it should be from a traditional Chinese medicine theory, searching for their own sleep rules.

Spring, summer autumn and winter have their own laws. The spring and summer should be "lying to get up early evening," autumn and winter should be "as early as lying to get up early", the winter should be "lying nights earlier." Is best to get out of bed before sunrise, should not be too late. Normal sleep time is generally 8 hours a day or so, the infirm and sick shall be appropriately increased sleep time.

  Head North-foot south accurate positioning. Earth's magnetic field at any time are subject to human impact during sleep, the brain also subject to magnetic interference. People go to bed to take the first north-south foot position, so that a smooth magnetic field lines across the body, you can minimize the interference of Earth's magnetic field, so that sleep more soundly.

Degree of relaxation are sleeping posture. Effects of sleep the body such as the bow is good, the right side to lighten the burden. Studies have shown that "sleep such as the bow," can reduce the force of gravity on the human body. As the human heart in the body over the left side, right side can reduce the pressure on the heart. At the same time, do not put your hands near the heart.

"Meridian" sleep more with less. Whether it is "sleep at night-type" person or "bed early-type" of people, should find their own biological clock and improve sleep efficiency. Traditional Chinese medicine theory holds that the child (11 pm to 1 am the next day morning), afternoon (11:00 to 13:00 during the day) 2 hour daily maximum temperature changes of the time, this time the body needs proper rest

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