Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Alert! What kind of human hair dye can lead to death

Recent British reports of suspected severe allergic shock to hair dye killed in the incident. The foundation also expressed the Secretary-General last year, foundation, hair dye, five kinds of commercially available test and found that all the p-phenylene diamine containing allergens pharmacy, improper use may cause anemia, breast cancer, bladder cancer ... ...

P-Phenylenediamine is a major allergens, many consumers after use will be redness, itching, eczema, allergic reactions. P-phenylenediamine may also damage the body's blood cells, impede metabolism, anemia, breast cancer, bladder cancer and other diseases.

Doctors said, according to almost every kind of thing, some people suffer from allergies, chemical agents are more likely to lead to a direct response to the release of the chemical composition of lead to serious "systemic 'Class' allergic reaction." If this has been caused due to unknown causes anaphylactic shock, edema, allergic reaction (such as swollen eyes, throat tightening), the future is very easy because of certain drugs or foods and cause a deadly allergic. Despite such serious complications are very few cases, but doctors are still warned to avoid excessive hair when you take skin contact, in order to reduce inhalation in vivo or in chemical burns.

Hair dye market has two parts, one is a DIY open-shelf access products, and the other pathway is a professional salon products. DIY goods very easy to use, but do not forget to understand the usage. Consumers buy a home later, to carefully read the instructions, in accordance with proper procedures to use. Doctors said the hair already has certain risks, want to avoid problems with special attention to hair dye:

* Have allergies, anemia, physical period, disease or illness during recovery, etc. Do not dyed.

* Pregnant women and nursing mothers avoid the use of permanent hair dyes, hair with a temporary hair dye if you want to be better.

* If there is a wound the head, hair must not be so potent chemical agents to enter through the wound.

* See note in Chinese in order to avoid misuse of unidentified products.

* Do not mix different brands of hair dye.

* Hair dye allergens to be done before the test to be the first to take the weight put on the size of peanuts behind the ears or wrist to test, if after 48 hours, no problems have re-dyed hair.

* Hair with the scalp 1 cm across, and full gloves to avoid contact with skin.

* Some hair dyes contain metallic components in the hair Do not use metal as a hair tool (to use porcelain and glass utensils), so as not to induce out of metal components.

* Hair takes at least six months interval of 4 months to be appropriate.

* Do not immediately after the perming hair to avoid hair dye substances which may affect health due to perm temperature into the body through the skin.

Hair color you want the more durable, dye chemical composition of certain higher the damage is also bound to be large, consumer choice and use you had better be careful

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