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Goes back to see the city through the anxiety of people

In the past, people to eat and drink to worry about, but it is easy to satisfy; now, we worry about eating and drinking may desire to have more, or anxious every day. In fact, the experts pointed out that as long as the face of reality, do comparisons, can be contented and less anxious.

  See a lot of people buy a house jealous

Once upon a time, it takes very little money, do not even have money can have a house; in 2009, the city rising house prices and a great heat, "goes back" to buy a house caused by anxiety pushed to the cusp.

At this point, it was home to a suite to see other people clearly, in the early 2009 prices low Shiyou bargain-hunting buying a second suite, to house prices soared, the people they seize the opportunity to sell the house, and a twinkling of an eye to making a pours months. Can be ourselves, worn out Leihuo save up some money, enough to pay a down payment in early Shihai may go to the end of the year, save much more money Daoshi can not keep up with the growth in house prices, even they can not afford the down payment is. As a result, these people began to nothing even if the money, and mind wondering, "I could not even afford to buy housing, they will turn on what basis the house to make money." It's like a pressure in the heart of the big rock with the house all relevant terms are particularly sensitive to hear the hearts of uneasy, and did not dare to random consumption, enjoy life, serious, may be insomnia, bad temper.

Psychological Medicine, Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University, director of Ji Jian-Lin pointed out that, faced with such situations, the best way is to "look at the foot of less to look on," down to earth in the day, do a good job, can not predict the future, the best down do not want to. This is not escapism, but you act sensibly and complaints. For example, do not buy a house of hard work, keep save money, not even think about one step, can afford to buy in a quick; need to repay the loan, according to the original plan, was also slowly from month to month, do not let mortgage affecting the life of quality.

  Child has grown up afraid of gnawing fear of too poor to feed themselves

To worldwide named "the most selfless and most responsible" parents, Chinese parents could probably start-ups. The so-called "concerned about the chaos", originally as the proud parents of a child but now it has become an important source of parental anxiety.

Today, raising children, but parents are one of the most headache. Child is born, everything has to be money: buy a bottle to buy high-level, buy buy brand-name clothes, and on the kindergarten to pay thousands of dollars a month, on the elite schools have to seek grandfather, grandmother warned to pay fees of up to tens of thousands of School Choice ... ... parents, the children spent a original capital, and many people have lamented that: It is now raising a child is really expensive! Others in line with the policy people will not dare to second child, raising a longing are exhausting, and find the money to raise a second?

They have worked extremely hard to support their children read the book, it has to come up with their own pensions, for the prime of their children to continue education, marry and have children, or even tolerate them to stay at home idle. Children to spend a month's wages VIS, parents actually a drain on money, so some people feeling Road: Moonlight family, and eating combined the old family. A survey showed that: 91.5 percent of Chinese children, the elderly will more or less financial support, of which 1 / 4 of people think that pressure is greater. Some parents also an end of the month or upon receipt of the child's phone on the tension恨铁不成钢but could do nothing, shy away and others brought their own children, for their future are very worried. Many parents also reduced the demand for children. A female taxi driver, says that simply do not expect children to big caring yourself, "he grew up, and do not bite me pretty good.

"Eaters of the emergence of the old hands with the parents, the total can not relax." Ji Jian-Lin said, the parents too much control, so that they will never put their parents behind as survival. Meanwhile, the parents could not bear to see their children suffer, it will naturally help as much as possible to help another, so a vicious circle. To solve this problem, parents should first correct the idea: Only under 18-year-olds, only raising their own responsibility, and when they grow up, they should own independent life. So please, harsh choice, release the hand.

Can not find a well-paid job

Released by the Ministry of Education has said that high school graduates in 2009 about one million people, it is difficult to find a job in the year. In 2009 so, I am afraid no different in 2010.

In the minds of many graduates, knowledge equals wealth, graduated from college in respect of 8000 children to enjoy a monthly salary of 10000. A continuous quit within six months, three men, said he quit mainly because of the low salary, he was a master's degree in English, how can such a low on? But he also said that the employer will not promise his salary because he had no wealth of industry experience, but also hands-on training company. As a result, the men would "find high-pay for in the end", is still hanging around the house. Irritability, depressed, unwilling to daily harassment of him and let him frequently unsuccessful job interviews, so that he began to worry that he is not never find a job.

Nanjing Brain Hospital, Xie Shi-ping, director of the spirit of two that the environment of the case, moderate fear is normal, there is not the pursuit of wrong, but the inexperienced college students, it is easy to grasp the bad scale, and excessive anxiety, and thus change have mental and physical exhaustion, depression. It has been carried out and found a result of looking for work is not smooth, 57.1% of people feel very tired, 40.1% of people feel can not find the target, as well as 22.6% of people living disappointed.

Ji Jian-Lin pointed out that the graduates are now faced with actually much larger than their father's pressure, but the gifted and frustrated state of mind appears in the just graduated foreseen in point. Today's society is different from the past, the vast majority of the work are not an iron rice bowl, which means that after work, with the right opportunities can always change, so why insisted in one step. No one knows what will happen, or you can find the monthly salary of several thousand, six months later, but in six months before that, even earns a few hundred a month, a sizeable than rest on its laurels. "First employment, re-career" just to solve the problem of experience.

 Parents facing the "bachelor" nag

When the marriage for men and women while married. Could be nearly 30, even more than 30 years old, was also not married, not married, they become men and left women left. Now, they have been proudly advertised himself as a "singles" in men and women, have begun to strongly feel the pressure to get married.

In the network, circulating an adaptation of "Capriccio Shuidiaogetou Singles Day", which writes: "The men are tall, short, fat, thin, and women are black and white beauty and ugliness, the matter ancient difficult to all. Tangshan Tangshan, bachelor no more! "so just a few words, is not difficult to see that left men and women who left the voice. But even more attention is that this anxiety is becoming a social phenomenon. Statistics show that Beijing is "left women" break the number is already 500 thousand. Particularly now with the New Year approaching, the men left to go home New Year's women are even more left to go home talking about the headache, do not go home, like their parents; go home, again forced by their parents. Think of these, on the tossing, it is difficult to sleep, along with their parents about the future and guilt and anxiety more serious.

Most people want to have an ideal of love, but after all Nobody's perfect, gold is entirely pure, Ji Jian-Lin believes that in the end you have to choose a life partner, or cause the same path, or any other, and my heart should have a light and heavy trade-off and encounter. To know what must be the result can only be nothing. Deficiency is somewhat normal life.

The popularization of the network, people contact, social face became smaller and smaller, choose people who become ever less; interpersonal coordination, understanding, ability to become ever weaker, and then marriage to become slim. Therefore, get rid of dependence on the network is very important, perhaps through the network know more like-minded people, but the exchange of people, or want to go to practicality, in order to better maintain and deepen, and ultimately into the marriage.

  Older than other people's wealth

Just after the thirties of the Chen, income is also good, will make 200,000 a year, supposed to be flies comfortably, but he is that "inadequate." He always complained that certain students have changed hundreds of thousands of cars, own the car before opening Qiba Wan; certain colleagues in the house changed Mimuro he only lived there a small two bedrooms ... ... house, car wants to change , but they felt the money tightly Baba, every day dreaming of their own money than others can see themselves not as good as the real person on the anxiety, which is not all the same, and do about money?

Money is not a panacea, but not the money is totally unacceptable in modern society, this phrase is especially evident expression. So, with hard work and I hope more hard-earned money of the Zhengdian; With stocks, buy the fund to prepare financial wealth; want to get lucky with the lottery overnight riches. However, no matter what method, can really only a very small number earned contented, more people are complaining, "Why people can buy expensive cars, live in luxury, thinking about what, but I struggled to catch up.

Ji Jian-Lin said, this is the fault of comparisons. The indiscriminate competition will not only efforts to change the flavor of the original will also encourage vanity psychological, physical do harm. Some studies have shown that when the money when you make your escape from poverty is to give people bring happiness, but research has also shown that strong desire money and wealth are more likely to feel unfortunate and anxiety.

Of course, "contentment" is easier said than done. JI Jian-Lin suggested that this could learn to focus on the things to do every day, do yourself happy, but has nothing to do with money, these things make you feel something meaningful to bring happiness. In this way, you will escape from the whirlpool of money out, you get a sense of pleasurable things more.

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