Sunday, January 10, 2010

Eat fresh garlic is more conducive to a healthy heart

Study confirmed that garlic had good heart health, but how to eat garlic can better perform this effect is very good stress. U.S. new study found that fresh garlic sliced or mashed raw more useful after the heart health.

United States University of Connecticut School of Medicine researchers in the latest issue of "Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry," the report says, in order to validate the different eating garlic methods to restore the role of blood the heart, they are two groups of mice had heart disease simulation. The researchers used the same amount of fresh garlic extract and dry garlic extract fed two groups of mice, the daily feeding amount is equivalent to eating spoonfuls of garlic a day. A month later, the researchers found that when cardiac blood flow is cut off half an hour later, the rats eating fresh garlic faster recovery than the control group of rats with heart blood supply.

The researchers found that the magic of garlic health effects and not only from one rich in anti-oxidants, fresh garlic is sliced or mashed hydrogen sulfide generated from a greater contribution to the human body blood circulation, and thus play a role in protecting the heart. After the garlic is cooked or dried without this effect.

Hydrogen sulfide is a kind of pungent odor of toxic gases, but the latest study found that an appropriate amount of hydrogen sulfide and other harmful to human cardiovascular system play a protective effect, thereby effectively prevent heart disease and senile dementia disease

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