Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nutritionists eight "gold downsizing" strategy

Well-known American nutritionist Qiaoyibaoer specifically wrote in a blog a few days ago, introduced the eight major weight-loss strategies. If you are or plan to lose weight, we might try:

1, fiber - both soluble fiber and non soluble fiber have contributed to weight loss. Calories contained in the non-soluble fiber is relatively low. Non-water-soluble fiber-rich foods include high fiber cereal, whole wheat bread, wheat bran and fruit and vegetables; soluble fiber is beneficial to make the body more time to maintain the state of fullness. Foods rich in soluble fiber include strawberries, apples, pears, cereals, and beans and so on.

2, succulent food - fruits and vegetables rich in water can easily make you eat, you can try watermelon, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mushrooms, grapefruit, and cantaloupe.

3, thin fiber protein - the protein helps to speed up metabolism. To ensure that every meal should be a number of thin-fiber intake of protein food options include: chicken breast, canned tuna, shrimp, low-fat milk, tofu, lean meat and so on.

4, eat foods that require your work - if forced to eat the same food Shihai do work, people often do not eat too much. For example, has a good peel peanuts and shelled peanuts are not, you would choose which one do?

5, sugar-free chewing gum - and what people think different, sugarless gum does not stimulate your appetite. In fact, chewing sugarless gum can effectively prevent you from high-calorie food into the mouth. Therefore, the weight loss have to remember to put a pack of sugar-free gum on hand.

6, hot drinks - when you want to eat something, they seem to have a small mouth hot hot low-calorie drinks, you can effectively prevent excess calorie intake, because drinking cup hot drinks hot much of the time it will happen. Less than 100 calories, green tea, sugar-free hot cocoa, skim latte or cappuccino coffee.

7, spicy food - a private client's experience and research found that if the food is spicy hot, then again, you will eat less. Also, you will automatically eat more slowly, and will drink plenty of water. Weight loss may wish to try out the food can add some red pepper and hot sauce.

8, will be divided into small portions of food - if you are only a small portion of food before, you never have the opportunity to eat

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