Thursday, January 14, 2010

True love does not care about his wife, a husband figure

Woman's body, in the marriage, for love of her men, then becomes transparent and invisible and insignificant. Therefore, even if a woman has a slim elegant or graceful variety of the movements of figure and at most a woman can be in the heap Huazhizhaozhan to Xian Bai, as married women body deformation and aliasing can be said that true love of her man is a little bit do not care.

Son of one month still remember when a pair of her husband's friend and his wife come to my house Hershey. They really can be said that the heavy Taishanyading量Class characters, male and female body weight will not add up to less than 150 kilograms! That smiling woman holding my hand, kindly ask for my physical condition, but also persuaded I will not sit properly because of weight loss rather than On the child. Fu Hao Shui is to eat well. Because the first encounter, I still appear more cautious strange, but I know her intentions, or because of her stature could be to frowned slightly. Later, I asked her husband: "Your friend's wife a bit like Hong Kong celebritiesFertilizerFigure ah! "My husband laughs Mimi said to me:" You do not know, they could have been my friend in the past couple a pair of models do! "I asked:" If in the future I would like her to become chubby as , you still me? "My husband Hehetaixiao:" You're so thin, and when to catch up with her ah! a rush to chicken soup is finished, some of it towards raising fat Well! "

Came to understand it, I immediately understood, the original woman's body even after marriage how unsatisfactory, the men will not love her too much mind. In contrast, mature man of his beloved wife, more stress is placed on her heart not her looks or body change.

After all, appearance is just flash in the pan, while the precipitation is even more interesting inside. A married woman, do not know if you find yet? Love you man, today you may only care about gas色Good or not, there is no temperature rise,AppetiteIs not normal? He had very little to be concerned with what you do today for

After all, appearance is just flash in the pan, while the precipitation is even more interesting inside. A married woman, do not know if you find that yet? Love you man, may only care about you today, Qi Sehao bad, there is no temperature rise, loss of appetite is not normal? He had little to be concerned with what hairstyle for you today tomorrow, what test new clothes, new shoes the day after tomorrow, what to wear? because he chose you, an emotional ride out the rest of my life partner. Maybe he did before marriage is also concerned about your body or appearance, but for him, that's not the most important. Fundamentally speaking, he only points Yan mind that you have grown thin ring of fat and even Hubeixiongyao, he did not demanding you out Glorifying or flowers, he is you I do not need you to do anything for him senseless style of dress and foil.

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