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Thin the most susceptible to the six diseases

Thin the most susceptible to the six diseases(2008-10-24 09:51:06)
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We all know that overweight and obesity will damage people's health, but you know what? The body is too thin unhealthy!

1, anemia:

Those who are too skinny prevailing imbalance in the nutritional intake, iron, folic acid, vitamin B12 intake of substances such as lack of blood. There are many benefits of drinking tea, health effects significant.

However, doctors pointed out: too much tea, especially tea can lead people to the body's iron loss, resulting in anemia ... ...

2, duodenal stasis:

Who are too thin, their scarce mesenteric and retroperitoneal fat, visceral ptosis, resulting in the duodenum oppressed. Food is difficult to digest, showing abdominal fullness discomfort, accompanied by pain or vomiting after meals.

3, memory decline:

Thin people fat intake and lack of storage capacity, body nutritional deficiencies, so badly damaged brain cells, a direct impact on memory.

From the Chinese perspective, Thin Yin and the heat is mostly physical, so-called "underweight fire" refers to virtual fire. This category often engendered throat, mouth pain, eye congestion, top-heavy, irritability irritability, if eat chili will not only increase the above-mentioned symptoms, but also easily lead to bleeding, allergy and inflammation, and serious will happen sore carbuncle infections.

4, gastroptosis:

Excessive body weight, body abdominal wall relaxation, weak abdominal muscles, often caused gastroptosis. Beware of weight-loss by a ptosis of the stomach!

5, gallstones:

Too thin and the general lack of caloric intake, body tissue to accelerate the consumption of fat, cholesterol also will be mobile, leading to an increase in the levels of bile, long-term so the formation of stones.

6, osteoporosis:

The women are too thin, inadequate levels of estrogen affect calcium and bone, prone to osteoporosis and fracture

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