Monday, January 25, 2010

In attracting men, 10 women approach

When you are in the vast sea of dreams, he met you, how do you go to impress him, to attract him?

△ catering to their likes.

Single men are eager to the warmth of the family, then you can give him to do cooking, washing laundry bar. If he likes music, you can invite him to go to a concert; read his favorite books and discuss them with him he was concerned about things.
All these will make him feel you and he hit it.

 △ understand him, comfort him, urging him to.

At work and in life, men will always be frustrated, do not laugh at him, his football into your arms, telling his life did not Changsheng generals, and encouraged him to continue to go forward.

 △ praised him and give him confidence.

The relations between men and women make up close, the most effective way to praise each other.

△ do not speak ill of others.  
Like to speak ill of others in the women, and only you do not love that you will be very eye-catching, the men would you feel at ease.

 △ showed lovely jealousy.

Jealousy and jealousy is somewhat similar, but there are essentially different, jealousy smoke is dangerous flames, men who see Who's Afraid of; and jealousy which have a lovely ingredients. Jealousy should behave a modest but lovely, we should observe the following rules: each can not be entangled in the same thing, try to speak to the lovely tone, it may Sasa Jiao, but let him think you are good to coax, coax a coax Cujin over them.

△ to tie locked in his heart.

In order to tie for a gift of extraordinary significance. If he did not fasten the tie you gave him, indicating he did not fancy you.

△ and allowed him to reassure you.

Men want to know whether a woman a soft spot for him, but for a man's self-esteem, but also directly said so bad. You want to quietly let him feel in your heart that only he.

△ learn to let a man like a baby.

Many women mistakenly believe that,会撒娇women most attractive in the eyes of men. In actual fact, many men prefer to make their own kind of woman in front of her coquetry.

  △ treat his friends.

So let him feel you are virtuous, kind, is an ideal wife. And his friends would strongly match you.

  △ woman who had capacity for Yuet.

Men are like a beautiful woman, even if you are not beautiful, you can also dress to show your unique temperament and style, impress your beloved man.

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