Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Three types of eggs unfit for human consumption

lot of other people's table, there will be eggs, however, to remind doctors, eggs, although rich in nutrition, is not everyone can eat, suffering from coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, renal insufficiency and physical persons allergic to eggs unfit for human consumption on.

Experts say, coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia patients daily dietary intake of cholesterol should be controlled at 200 mg or below, due to egg yolk are rich in cholesterol, therefore, not suitable for patients with hypercholesterolemia to eat eggs; renal dysfunction More patients should not eat lots of eggs, can cause renal dysfunction in vivo metabolite accumulation, in order to protect renal function from damage, this type of egg intake of patients within the scope must be limited rations.

In addition, some patients allergic to their own physical one-time intake of a large number of protein-containing foods easy to diarrhea, abdominal pain, skin rash and other phenomena, therefore, such patients should avoid intake of a large number of protein-rich food.
Allergic constitution to change the conditioning method used in diet
Allergy patients should pay attention to a balanced diet, eating less fatty, sweet and spicy food, tobacco, alcohol and so on. Certain food allergens is also necessary to pay attention to distinguish them. Eat vitamin-rich foods can enhance the body immunity.According to nutritionists research, such as onions and garlic contain anti-inflammatory compounds, anti-allergies.Another variety of vegetables and fruits can also be resistance to allergies, including broccoli and citrus effects are particularly notable. Allergic constitution were the best drink milk every day.

Recommended several kidney food:

Yam:Sweet natured, for Chinese medicine, "top grade" in medicine, with Bufei, spleen role, be able to fill in kidney essence. Where the kidney of the people, should eat it regularly's.
Scallops:Also known as scallops. Xing Ping sweet salty, can kidney Ziyin, so the kidney-yin deficiency are advised to eat it regularly.
Perch:Also known as the flower perch, bass sub-fish. Xing Ping sweet, both make up the spleen and stomach, but also supplement liver and kidney, bones and muscles.
Chestnut:Of warm sweet, Spleen and stomach addition to the role, the more the power Zhuangyao kidney, right kidney lower back pain are the most appropriate food.
Wolfberry:Sweet natured with kidney Liver, benefits smart head, Zhuang bones, in addition to lower back pain, Jiufu to longevity, etc. function. Middle-aged women in particular, fresh kidney the most appropriate person.
Polygonum multiflorum:Complemented liver and kidney, the role of essence and blood, kidney ancient physicians were used for the benefit of the people. Any kidney of human hair as early as white, or waist and knee weakness, myalgia, or nocturnal emission men, women vaginal discharge who eat Safe.
Jichi or eat:Water chestnut, persimmon, raw carrot, raw cucumbers, raw sweet potatoes, watermelon, melon, onion, pepper, mustard, cloves, fennel, pepper, mint, Brasenia schreberi, chrysanthemum, salt, butter, liquor and cigarettes

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