Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cucumber and yogurt together the best weight loss

Crisp and juicy cucumber is always one of most people's favorite vegetable. This was not only because fresh cucumber taste, but also because one has been that people talked about the effect of: to lose weight. Cucumber does not contain fat, sugar content is also only 2% of energy particularly low. In addition, the cucumber also contains alcohol acid, it can effectively inhibit carbohydrate into fat, so weight loss is a real vegetable.

One can best play with the effect of weight loss of cucumber: cucumber sour. With Huijun said, yogurt has some weight loss effects, it is rich in nutrition, satiety is better, but the lack of dietary fiber, dietary fiber-rich diet with vegetables, cucumber, just "strengths and weaknesses complement each other" and "strong-strong alliance," so that two downsizing the role of those who get the most play. As long as people who can guarantee weight loss diet low in fat, low energy, so that "early eat well, eat lunch," added cucumber yogurt is a good weight-loss meal dinner. This day there is no "diet" in pain, dinner also received vitamins and protein, nutrition and diet Liangbu Wu.

The main nutrients in cucumber skin, so best to be eaten raw skin.

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