Saturday, January 23, 2010

Love charlatan behind the psychological

Say that bragging is not taxed, the United Kingdom there is a survey of more than eight adults, admit that at least a day talk about a "lying." What bragging hidden behind what motives? Jung's Psychological Counseling Center, Suzhou Steering Guorong accept the "Life Times" reporter mentioned, love boasting some for psychological reasons, while others are pathological manifestations.
Compensation of self-needs and the needs to reduce anxiety caused by bragging of two common psychological reasons. "Some people like to exaggerate their abilities and identity." Guo-Rong Wang said, an insurance salesman or opening their own hands a number of major clients, or how the leadership thinks highly of him, but this is not true. "This is out of psychological compensation." Guo-Rong Wang said, "then boast both to make up for gaps in the psychological realm of the self to achieve the ideal, but also for display of self, access to other people of concern to the purpose."

The use of lying to boost confidence, reduce fear and anxiety heart model was undoubtedly the United States General Douglas MacArthur during World War II. On one occasion, the German Air Force, a bomb exploded near his guards asked him why he did not hurry to escape. He said: "Hitler never made MacArthur can not come out to blow up the bomb." Guo-Rong Wang pointed out that such lying is also known as "normal lying", it makes access to mental game advantage in the deliberate "contempt" opponent at the same time, reducing anxiety.

If we say that these two types of people are deliberately and for, then the reason for bragging pathology is manifested in the person not knowing. "One boy said that he should be more than everyone that Bill Gates has." Guo-Rong Wang said the child was later diagnosed as mildly manic. People suffering from mild schizophrenia, manic or in the early stage, the brain of a neurotransmitter called dopamine in an abnormal state of activity, allowed to become excited, tireless, self-assessment is too high. "This is not normally easy to identify, if very far off the mark or completely inconsistent boasts logic, in relation to take them to the psychiatric examined." Guorong reminds us.

For whatever reason the bragging, most of them are easy to influence psychological health and interpersonal relationships. On the one hand, accustomed to bragging getting smaller and smaller so that the true self, false self-growing, and thus little attention to the real solution to the problem, so difficult to succeed. On the other hand, may be able to boast being a false respect for other people, but once the leather has been punctured, the other side will think you are fooling them, and thus lose the trust of others.

Love to change the habit of bragging require long-term efforts, Guo-Rong Wang suggested that people who love boasting its own good at the little things from the start, the ability to recognize themselves. In addition, these people can be sent to all the list now has come out, which also helps them back to reality

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