Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ten barriers to healthy eating woman

What makes you eat less healthy? Is a busy day of work? Can not resist the temptation of dessert? Perhaps you know better than anyone else of fruits, vegetables, grains importance, but to eat them Shique frowning. To this end, the United States, "shape" magazine listed the obstacles to you and healthy eating close contact 10 "obstacle", and gives some small way, to teach you to easily across them.

1, and vegetables do not taste bad appetite

For those who do not love cooking, if cooking their own dishes out of poor taste, it will inevitably affect the vegetables in their diet status. Therefore, interested in people who improve the cooking of vegetables to control the well cooking the furnace to understand certain skills, so that vegetables will give you an extraordinary taste. In addition, the mixed green salad is also a good choice, simple and time-saving.

Second, busy to eat take-away

If the overtime has been no big deal for you for dinner only tedious takeaway or eating out a big meal, a hungry stomach and even into the night. In fact, eating out once, it will make itself more calories eaten than 200 calories and 10 grams of fat. Then how should we do? Go to the supermarket to buy dinner. Buy fast food, instant oatmeal, vegetables, salads and other nutritious and also the fullness of food, be considered not ill-treat their own bodies.

Third, the child's snacks are too tempting

French fries are the child's favorite candy, but will also to entice parents to buy these foods. Since the purchase of power from your grasp, why not change it? Is the so-called sight of the net, Washington University School of Medicine Children's nutritionists point out that not to buy these foods, their temptation will be greatly reduced. If you're worried about your child to ask for, it may wish to change from a small start, whole-wheat crackers instead of dessert, baked French fries instead of French fries, the child will gradually adapt to this change.

Fourth, eat salty hard to forget even

Dinner at the hotel there is a big flaw, that is too much salt in the vegetables, eat out once, eat for a day almost 80% of salt intake. At the same time, processing mostly eat food that contains salt, therefore, the time of purchase to see whether it contains salt in food ingredients. Usually eating less salt can more than hold onto, it will greatly reduce excess salt caused by a variety of health threats.

5, only think of rotten fruit and vegetable

As the saying goes, and always knows fruit is good, and when to eat rotten. How do I solve it? First of all, purchase an appropriate number, usually fruits and vegetables can be stored 7 days, therefore, required for each purchase of fruits and vegetables a week can be. Also to be properly preserved, different vegetables and use packaging isolated them in a conspicuous place on the refrigerator, timely to remind ourselves not to forget. Mango, tomato, banana shelf life is relatively long, leafy green perishable food as soon as possible.

6, sweet things, can not be abandoned

If it is really as sweet as life, then eat dark chocolate, it is low in calories than other chocolates, but also good for our body, which contains flavonoids, can reduce blood pressure, prevent heart disease. In addition, in the supermarket to buy chocolate, but also carefully the ingredients, the best choice for more than 60% cocoa content, so that sugar will be reduced.

7, carbohydrates difficult to refuse

Carbohydrates are essential to the human body. But if a large number of consumption, will make unconsciously bigger appetite, leading to weight gain. How to easily solve it? To add a little protein, carbohydrates, such as eggs, soy, fish or beef will increase your feeling of fullness, not to eat too much.

8, the fish smell good intolerable large

Nasty fish smell and refuse to eat fish who want to know, fish low in calories and high in protein, rich in potassium, in which fatty acids can protect the heart, enhance memory, is a rare taste of healthy food. And not all have the unpleasant taste of fish, cooked fish can be no smell. Cod, halibut and sea bass is very easy and the other taste of fusion, in the elimination of smell at the same time, and can radiate seductive fragrance.

9, there is no guarantee comes with rice nutrition

May bring their own lunch, office workers feel very troublesome, but the restaurant and eat take-away or to eat excess calories and salt than is undoubtedly bring their own lunch is more healthy diet, so that can ensure adequate intake of energy. If you can not every day so, it may be in the office ready for an emergency lunch: coarse grain crackers, yogurt, apples, bananas, almonds, walnuts, or instant soup, but also can be described as a healthy diet choices.

10, high-fiber eating more difficult to digest

High-fiber foods can lower cholesterol, to keep fit. However, it was, as a large consumption of high fiber foods do not digest and give up after eating, we must know that nothing goes too far, but also healthy amount of food again, therefore, consumption of 15 grams of fiber a day of food, a few weeks and then increased to 20 grams, so step by step, until make healthy food really play its due role.

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