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Lips expose your body had been "toxic"

Lips are all the organs of your body, the first time to the situation inside your body exposed windows. No cover not stopped, your body all the good and bad situation, at a glance to be exposed. If you want to know what is unhealthy lips, then we must know what is healthy lips.

Health lips: light red, fruity and full but not dry, no ulcers, cracking, herpes.
1, color

a lips or a dark red or purple-red to red

Tip: Your body's condition is still relatively large fire, the tongue is like the body of energy light, when you body when too much energy will be generated due to excessive energy "fire."

And the colors are more toward the crimson development, represents the body of the fire will be.
Common does not apply to: toothache, headache, dizziness, constipation, etc. Niaohuang

Control methods

An immediate reduction in intake of these substances, spicy food, sugar, chicken, lamb, they will only produce more energy, so that your body's anger even more vigorously, leading to its color is more dark red.
2 Try not to take ginseng, jujube and other substances in supplements, after all, fuel is very dangerous thing.
3 resulted in so much not feeling the need to favor the drugs. Scrophulariaceae 30g habitat 30g Ophiopogon 30g cinnamon 2g, Shuijianbi. This is the ancient name Fang Fang by liquid soup. The above does not significantly alleviate the therapeutic effect, you can clean up the human body "fire" case, at the same time complement Yin Ye, so we are no longer firewood, not good-bye to the fire.

b lips as pale white

Tip: Your body, whether gas or blood, are in a relatively poor state, because they are not filling enough to make your lips

Shows that this has already come to light red.
Common does not apply to: fatigue, sleepiness, back pain, low libido and so on.

Control methods:

An improvement of nutrition for a relatively high intake of substances, do not re-picky eaters, do not think of weight loss, life is more important than the slender. Recommended foods: fish, chicken, beef, mutton, eggs, and so on.
2 with a red endothelium peanuts, appropriate Jiaofu day, not limited. Dried dates, at least one day over 15.
3 Do not stay up late too, so you will aggravate the already devastating shortage of energy consumption.
c lips of Qing Hei (Purple) color

Tip: Your body is still a relatively obvious situation of stagnation of qi and blood stasis exists, the normal speed of blood flow is not showing the color of the lip.

Common does not apply to: chest tightness, love sighing, chest occasional tingling, nightmares and so on.

Control methods:

If you are a little exercise, then jog 30 minutes a day will completely change your lip color
2 is strongly recommended to drink 1-2 tablespoons a day of Shanxi Vinegar, this is definitely make your lips blue black after a period of time to change. Vinegar itself, except for other roles, but also the role of the gentle blood circulation and improve the mood effect.
3 If there is smoking, it is best to reduce smoking. Nicotine in the body, or less good.
d lips formed the circle of skin around the black

Tip: Your body still has more obvious presence of moisture, while the number also means that your kidneys and spleen are beginning to have deficiencies deficiency phenomenon emerged.

Common does not apply to: loss of appetite, poor digestion, lower limb heaviness, more frequent urination.

Control methods:

1 try to avoid all kinds of sweets, fried, greasy, more sticky food, cold food, etc., because they can make your body produce more moisture.
2 after a meal must not rush to lie down or sleep, this will lead directly to the body due to slow transport of food arising from moisture.
3 you have kidney and spleen and stomach meridians are the origin of the feet, feet, equivalent to the roots of plants is as important, try to look at every day fever blisters on feet, which will heat directly from your "root" added to the linked of the organs.

2, lips dry skin from skin

Tip: Your body is in a poor state of the body fluid, or at least can no longer meet the lip skin, the degree of moisture protection.

Control methods:

A lip balm is just the external role, and can not play a good role, from the internal conditioning.
2 Do not lick your lips. Lip skin easier to dehydration, people lick the total, which resulted in more dry more lick, the more the more dry lick in a bad cycle.
3 What fruit or vegetable juice are more, eat them, the juice inside the plant is different from our daily drinking water, they are more likely to be used by our bodies.

3, upper lip or lower lip blistering

Tip: the need for attention, your body too much moisture, and has started to become a poisoning caused by damp. Indecent about your deep-fried food is too much emphasis on class, or sugar, greasy classes, and they are so that your body inside one of the factors resulting poisoning caused by damp.

Control methods:

1 to reduce the intake of these substances, if they are unable to resist the temptation, at least not again as before, to eat a lot.
2, note should be increased awareness of the intake of vegetables, too light in general do not harm.
4, upper lip or lower lip within the ulcer

Tip: Some people get angry only ulcers since there are still about half of the people, not simply because the date of the lit.
The key difference is the color of ulcers, if it is red and clear, mostly lit; In the case of a white-based, human or partial virtual dominated.

Control methods:

1, be sure to eat fruits containing high content of VC, hawthorn, oranges, kiwi fruit, tomatoes and so on, remember not to take western medicine to replace vc piece of fruit, this is still far vc natural extracts than tablets made of a good The.
2, Fan Wei often say, "most people, I do not tell him," here to tell you about a good a good way to treat ulcers lips with cotton dipped more Yunnanbaiyao more direct push to the ulcer surface, stay for 30 minutes, every day Repeat 4,5 times, will soon feel the effect.
3, like a song sung to "put everything Melancholy forget," you will certainly not to those who accumulate a bad mood right now with a place to vent it, or K songs, or fitness, or Bengdi ... ...

5, bilateral or unilateral numbness of the mouth cracking

Do not know if you have had this experience, that is on the lower lip on both sides of mouth at the junction of the crack is often inexplicable, and if in those days, there is no way to listen to郭德纲comic dialogue can not see Zhao Benshan's skit, and if a colleague who is holding a cell phone text messages read a funny, I am afraid will be attracted to your mouth just healing the wounds of living again, cracking, piercing pain ... ...

You can see it a long position that unethical, whether to speak or eat and drink, as long as the open mouth, we will certainly feel the pain in time.

Tip: Whether you speak or eat, in the lips up and down movement process, the mouth position is relatively fixed, and they played the role very similar to the door shaft, so once inside the body there stomach Yin deficiency of the state, So most likely, "short of oil," the site or in the mouth, so this case, they are often easy to crack.

Control methods:

1 to the street to buy the kind of ripe kiwi fruit, every three, three times a day, three days later, you will believe why it has spell.
2 recommendations seldom read dialogues, sketches, and Gao Xiaolei programs, so as to avoid re-wound dehiscence. Repeatedly wound dehiscence is not conducive to the ultimate recovery.
3 proposed a temporary eat relatively large number of fat food

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