Monday, January 11, 2010

Before going to bed the most effective weight loss exercise weight-loss method

Do not underestimate the few minutes before going to bed, when the muscles in the most relaxed state of mental and physical exercise together they are the most comfortable, use it a few minutes, the next stretch of your腰Back and neck, not only to ease the day's fatigue on the thin waist and fiber also has good effect back then, come follow me to learn bar!

  1.Back exercises to lose weight before going to bed

Maybe you have not been in the office day out, could not withstand the pain in the back already, taking advantage of bedtime Bayao straight, big Shengelanyao, do the following actions, do not manage themselves, to the extent that they can withstand like the degree.

Straight arms, abdomen and legs kneeling on the ground was 90 degrees. Starting back up bow to keep 10 seconds.

Bow to the front left leg, the feet do not touch the ground. Lift left leg straight back at the top.

Return to the starting state of the body, neck and body to keep straight.


 Back Care TIPS:Want to have an enviable back, daily cleaning and care is absolutely unavoidable. Depth of exfoliating once a week and the promotion of blood circulation in the back care, can all be yourself DIY's. May wish to use body scrub product completely removed the old hard-keratin, the longer the body lotion containing rosemary ingredients compactness back muscles, routine maintenance can be easily completed, did not only smooth and delicate maintenance of the back muscles are also more flexible .

2. Exercise spine bedtime gymnastics

  Spinal health is the best person to go to work can not be overlooked a part of the aging of the cervical spine not only the back bone deformation, but also will bring endless pain, the daily relaxation exercises on the cervical spine particularly important.

Disc sitting in, the arms was 180 degrees and start the right hand branch, the left arm extended as far as possible to the sky

Left arm to the left ear side, stretching as far as possible to the front left hand placed on the head, left side head

Natural body relaxation

 Cervical Health TIPS: Beauty salons have launched the "neck and shoulder massage oil", "decompression neck treatment" such as neck and shoulder type care projects, which have made use of massage therapy to relax the muscles of the principles, combined with essential oils, or scraping, etc. Chinese medicine treatment methods, right neck and shoulder pain have a certain ease, but does not cure diseases. In addition to introduce you to the Office for Human cervical yoga, there were four kinds ofPleasure-seeking ways to neck strong, people on weekends or after work can be selected exercises.

3. Relaxation exercises before going to bed waist

  The waist makes the most headache is the pain and the accumulation of fat, waist relaxation exercises before going to bed for you to resolve these troubles.


US waist TIPS: We introduce you to the United States of lumbar massage method, born a "water Yiyao" woman is always demon inside Yao Qi, sexy extremely, so that men covet, women jealousy, easy to get fat in the autumn and winter, losing no time to build and maintaining the slender slender waist, and let "Yaoliyaoqi" Four Seasons has.

Learn it? To use before going to bed yourself to a complete bar to relax, sleep, your body will follow the good Yo.

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