Sunday, January 10, 2010

Note that the four commonly used on the toilet water Misunderstanding

Summer, people use toilet water to insect itch, sterilizing deodorant, but if used improperly will not only hazardous to their health, serious and potentially fatal. Of which there are four main use of errors.

Misunderstanding 1: excessive use of

In order to avoid mosquito bites, often pour a lot of toilet water smearing the body parts.

But to do so, some people will appear body itching, symptoms of cold sweats, so wiping toilet water in moderation to avoid adverse reactions body.

Misunderstanding 2: After suffering from dermatitis, the use of

Contains a toilet water called "Yi Moning" component, which allows the loss of human biting mosquito consciousness. If the smear toilet water, after suffering from dermatitis, not only does not treat dermatitis, "Yi Moning" component can also lead to skin allergies, dermatitis aggravated symptoms. Patients suffering from dermatitis may be in electrical mosquito-chip drop 4-5 drops of toilet water, both repellent and avoid skin irritations.

Misunderstanding 3: Tu toilet water into the kitchen immediately after the "spark" cooking

Many people are ignorant about the toilet water after use Note: Please avoid the use and storage of fire source. This is because the toilet water containing 75% alcohol and 5% of the flavor components, once close to the fire will be ignited. So, after wiping toilet water will not immediately end the use of fire or near the fire source, such as: points, mosquito coils, cigarette lighter, use of fire of the stove and so on.

Mistakes 4: Give the child to use adult toilet water

Maternal and child experts suggest that parents give their children private toilet water to elect, in the bath, such as the use of toilet water should first be diluted four or five times, and to avoid direct contact with the child's eyes.

Apart from the above the use of taboo, the clever use of the toilet water can also play a role in improving the living environment. For example, in laundry, wash towels before the instillation of 45 drops of toilet water, soak for 15 minutes and then wash clothes can become fragrance; wipe furniture, drop two drops of sterile anti-bacteria can also play a role; to go out with a car toilet water spray bottle, spray once every four hours can play a role in disinfection.

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