Saturday, January 9, 2010

Eating chocolate before exercise can delay fatigue

Sports nutrition studies have shown that the human body in the whole course of the campaign to spend a lot of glycogen, eating chocolate before exercise can increase muscle glycogen reserves, so as to enhance exercise capacity and delay fatigue. After exercise to restore strength, this time the body is also very necessary to add sugar. The right amount of chocolate can keep blood sugar stable, preventing low blood sugar, promoting physical recovery, while complementing the human body in motion the energy consumed and delay the appearance of fatigue.

Conducting a large training exercise such as long-distance running, weight lifting, the body's energy consumption is very large, the body of many nutrients will be consumed, combined with relatively long exercise time, if there is not enough energy, exercise will not be able to complete exercises, while the chocolate in the energy and nutrient-intensive and can in the shortest time needed to meet the body's energy, so that the muscles in the most saturated. In addition to these, can provide a lot of chocolate to meet the basic needs of the human body minerals and nutrients, help to improve sports and fitness effects of exercise.

Chocolate contains cocoa beans in the natural ingredients, it is a very strong anti-oxidants, can inhibit the blood of the "impurity", but also the human body can be extended to other anti-oxidants, such as vitamin E, vitamin C, the role of time, to promote vasodilation. Therefore, it is advisable to eat before making physical activity a few pieces of chocolate, especially dark chocolate. When people do not eat before exercise, when to eat a few pieces of chocolate is a good choice.

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