Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Recommended for office workers and several of the best breakfast

Men do not eat breakfast easy temper

Muleboshi the University of Ulm in Germany, in the U.S. medical journal "Pediatrics", No. September published an article called, do not eat breakfast, men, mood and visual-spatial memory deterioration, women have no such significant change. In order to test the impact on students eat breakfast, Mueller's team looked at 104 13 ~ 20-year-old student. Half of the students to eat breakfast a unified standard, half do not eat breakfast, followed by two groups of students, some of the cognitive and emotional testing. A week later, eating breakfast, and breakfast is no longer a group of tests, but not eaten breakfast, a group began to eat breakfast and test.

Muleboshi say whether eating breakfast on students to maintain attention to little effect, but the boys say they are feeling better after eating breakfast, and better memory; while eating breakfast when the memory is not good, a bad temper.

Breakfast may be beneficial to humans in some areas, such as providing the brain synthesis of the neurotransmitter (a chemical transmission of nerve impulses) the energy required and nutrition. From the breakfast meat, protein, carbohydrate and fat can also affect mood.

Here, there are several homemade breakfast recommendation sent for reference:

Example 1: Hanamaki brown sugar, sesame paste, soy milk, spiced quail eggs, the Qing mix lettuce leaves, Babao butter pickles.
Example 2: gold and silver roll, milk, anchovies (or lobster sauce for fish or spiced smoked fish, flaky crucian carp), oil, salt and mix different (carrot, green bean sprouts), fermented bean curd.
Example 3: bread, cake, milk, boiled eggs, fresh parsley mixed with dried tofu, onions, pickles.
Example 4: Jujube Topaz Fagao wiping sesame rice noodles, large rice porridge, Salted duck egg, mix Xianggan bell pepper, spicy pickles wire.
Example 5: Dousha Bao, milk, Western omelette (eggs, onions at the end, the end of fresh mushrooms, ham at the end), fried dried small shrimps (dried small shrimps, coriander, onion d), making cucumber.
The human brain and nerve cells must rely on the movement of sugar to provide energy, while the breakfast of the supply of heat to heat 30 percent of the entire day and should therefore be to eat some starchy foods, such as steamed bread, bread, porridge and so on. Protein foods: the human body to maintain abundant energy, we should eat breakfast a certain amount of protein. Therefore, there should be a breakfast egg, dried meat floss, soy and other food. Some of the best breakfast salad, vegetable salad, fruit salad and so on. In this way, can fully complement the vitamins.
If you really too busy to attend one day for breakfast, out of the house on the empty stomach, you do not condone his stomach 10000 by drinks, sweet biscuits, chocolate, hot dogs, and the like "junk food" invasion. Emergency should choose healthy fast food. You may wish to release their own desk in a small drawer, the fortified instant cereals, dried apricots, raisins, banana chips seaweed, Candied Sweet Potato and other healthy food ready to serve as an emergency role. If you could prepare on the packaging of a box of fresh low-fat milk or pure fruit juice would be even better, of course, from their homes for a fruit is not bad

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