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You know how in accordance with 'Food Clock' eating do?

You know how in accordance with 'Food Clock' eating do?(2009-04-02 09:17:30)
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We know that the body have a biological clock, in fact, have their own food "nutritious food clock." Just follow the best "food clock" to eat, will be able to fully enjoy the food at the same time, absorb the most nutrients.

 To get up early to eat soup dumplings He Yu

Breakfast, drink a bowl of warm porridge of the stomach is the best care, the best and then put some chopped vegetables and an egg, Yang Wei's also rich in nutrition.
Choice at breakfast Hezhou mainly for two reasons. Getting up in the morning, some people may feel cold and pain, gastrointestinal conditions, some people have stomach acid in serious condition, warm vegetable porridge can immediately alleviate those conditions, but to eat bread, biscuits and other food will increase the discomfort.
In addition, vegetables and milk, porridge digestion time, slightly longer than an hour or so just to digest the food peak at this time you are on the way to work, it can provide you with enough energy, make you feel warm.
If one is afraid one-He Zhou easily hungry, then you can add some pasta to eat, such as soup dumplings are even more calories than the large Cai Zhou, and to maintain a sense of fullness too long. Cai Yu and soup dumplings are not only in bread and other food calories than the large, and the heat is also very durable and promote gastrointestinal blood circulation, so that warm feeling again and again continue.

 Four hours to eat fruit

10 minutes before breakfast: fruit at this time could enhance the absorption of vitamins, while the acid fruits also play a role in appetite, many people do not eat breakfast, so with the fruit appetizer is pretty good. For the best choice for the fruit before a meal is not too strong acidity, astringency is not too strong, such as apples, pears, bananas, grapes and so on. Stomach but people should not eat fruit at this time.
  Around 10:00: This moment is the work pressure of time, most people will feel irritable mood. At this point, if the eat a fruit, its sweet and sour taste to make people feel that refreshes and help ease the tense and anxious mood.
  1 hour after lunch:This time to eat fruit, helps digestion, and is suitable to eat pineapple and kiwi fruit protease-rich, as well as organic acids more oranges, lemons, hawthorn, apricot and so on.
  About 4 pm:At this point easy to hunger, fruit can be used as food supplements in the afternoon. In the choice of fruit can be eaten 10 minutes before breakfast with the same as mine. If one is afraid of fruit raw, you can drink a cup of hot water before eating fruit to ensure the gastrointestinal comfort.
Experts believe that these four time periods, before breakfast and the afternoon to eat fruit and the best fruit to eat before breakfast allows better absorption of vitamins and afternoon snacks to eat fruit and allow an afternoon's work fatigue and tensions have been alleviated and放松.

Noon potato food

Sweet potato, potato, pumpkin these potato food at dinner time to eat, but also can replace the best meals of rice, bread, as a staple food to eat. Potatoes can not only protect the food supply of carbohydrates, but also provides a variety of vitamins and trace elements essential to human beings.
Some people like to eat some potato in the meal, this approach is not correct, not only easy to eat stays, but also one of the nutrients are not easily digested and absorbed, a real pity.
Potato is best as a mid-day meals, it is because after we had finished our potato, which contains calcium needed in the human body through absorption of 4 to 5 hours, while the afternoon sunlight just can promote calcium absorption. Thus, in the lunch to eat potato, calcium can be absorbed before dinner.
Very high carbohydrate content of potato foods, carbohydrates are an important element in the movement to protect human noon, eating can be more abundant energy throughout the afternoon, work efficiency increased accordingly.

Suannai one hour after a meal

Yogurt can help digestion, improve gastrointestinal function, but not at any time Suannai able to play such an effect. Generally speaking, one hour after a meal is the best time Suannai.

Yogurt tastes better, but the activity of lactic acid bacteria want to be effective, there is still a lot of thought to the next. Ordinarily, the human gastric juice PH value between 1 to 3. Fasting gastric juice is acidic, and not suitable for the growth of lactic acid bacteria, only the PH value is higher than 3 when the yoghurt in order for the activity of lactic acid bacteria grow well. About one hour after a meal, gastric juice diluted, PH value of up to between 3 to 5, this time Suannai, in which the nutrients most likely to be absorbed.

 16:00 to eat snacks

About 4 pm the day when most of fatigue at this time is more suitable to eat snacks.
Experts believe that people eat four hours later, carbohydrates then basically exhausted at this time most people are unable to concentrate, but also feeling very tired. For lunch and dinner, office workers a longer time interval, the snack is in this time period, the best energy supplement. Snacks will not only alleviate hunger, but also work on the road to be your most important weapon against cold.
In the choice of snacks, preferably those that are rich in nutrients, while relatively low in sugar and fat, preservatives content also less suitable as a daily nutritional supplement of snacks, such as low-fat cheese, peanuts, figs, seaweed, fruit. There are supermarkets selling fruits and vegetables dry film, taste is very crisp, but not deep-fried or puffed food, but made of high-temperature drying of water, not only in nutrient loss, fat calories are low, will not lead to肥胖.

 6 "golden section" water

7:00: After the morning urine need to add water, this cup of water can dilute your body of toxins, but also washing stomach, drinking water, most people would want the feeling of stool, it is that a glass of water played a role in Runchang .

 9:00:After the first Bieji Zhao to the office coffee, and give ourselves a cup of warm water, because work on the road bumps, which have allowed virtually start your body dry. To the office quickly drink a glass of water to ensure that the body is not lack of water points and spirit of the hundred-fold into work.
  11:00:Activation of about cells, what is more nourishing stomach, after all, lunch time is coming.
  12:30:After lunch, another drink to help digestion.
  15:00:With a glass of mineral water instead of a healthy afternoon tea and coffee, refreshing drinks can be refreshing wake up the brain.
  After returning home:Drink a large glass of water, can ease the day's fatigue, but the main thing is to increase your feeling of fullness, so that the evening would not eat a lot of impact absorbed.
  The cold autumn and winter, it is best not to drink before work, Which would allow the road work has become very cold, since water can play a role in the promotion of metabolism, especially for the metabolism of calories, so drink more water later, will feel especially cold.

Drink milk before going to bed half an hour

Most people prefer a glass of milk at breakfast, in fact, drinking milk has its best time, this time is not the morning, but before going to sleep at night.
The morning fasting drinking milk is wrong, because the milk protein to go through the decomposition of the stomach and small intestine after the formation of amino acids in order to be absorbed by the body, while the morning fasting state, the gastrointestinal emptying is fast, drink the milk gastrointestinal still no time to absorb the large intestine was routed.
Calories consumed at night is small, the protein can be saved, there is Zhumian Moreover, the role of milk. About half an hour before going to bed at night to drink the best milk to drink early, maybe dinner with the digestion of milk and increase the difficulties Italy, leading to a full stomach to sleep, affecting gastrointestinal function, easily lead to obesity. Go to bed half an hour before drinking milk, you can avoid digestion dinner time, just half an hour trapped Italy coming fall asleep soundly

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