Sunday, January 10, 2010

I do not know the four kinds of errors can not eat fish method

As the saying goes, "better than Meat poultry, poultry meat than fish." Fish for its taste and nutrition have always been widely popular favorite food. Original ancestors creation and put "fresh" the words attributed to "fish" the Department of the fish as a "fresh" in Need, but a new guise of various types of eating is so highly sought after fish. Obvious benefits of eating fish, but eat not law, would cause harm to human health, and even attract a fatal disease weight. Quickly come to look at a few common mistakes eat before they occur.

Raw fish easy to get, "liver fluke disease"

Many people like the fresh sashimi, tasty raw fish does not know that the liver is very negative, easily infected with liver fluke disease, or even induced liver cancer.

According to nutrition, health experts, the liver fluke disease liver and gallbladder disease is mainly a parasitic disease, human by eating raw or undercooked living with liver fluke metacercariae of freshwater fish and freshwater snails infected very high probability, at present only in the Guangdong province of China there are hundreds of millions of patients with liver fluke, many of them have contracted the disease precisely because of raw fish and shrimps. "" Meat and fish could help protect the brain

The clinical symptoms to fatigue, abdominal discomfort, indigestion, abdominal pain, diarrhea, liver pain, hepatomegaly, dizziness is common, serious infections can cause cirrhosis in the late ascites, and even death.


Many people think that raw fish with sauce and vinegar mix before, will be able to kill one of the liver fluke, you can rest assured that food, but in fact the general condiments such as soy sauce, vinegar, mustard, alcohol, and so it is difficult to kill them, even if the fish into 90 ℃ hot water, boiled the lack of time nor can the kill.

Therefore, sashimi, or eat better. Also noteworthy is the liver fluke parasite in the human body, beginning almost no symptoms, some people even feel it all 10 years of existence, but wait until the discovery is often too late, we recommend long-term addicted to eating raw fish The best piece of people to the hospital for examination, diagnosis is infected.

Not a anti-trespassing fish gall bladder poisoning detoxification

Fish gall bladder is a blind Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine used to treat head Chidan pain, Hou Bi, Wu Chuang embolism.

Therefore, fish guts, people also can spread Qingrejiedu, eyesight cough argument, so despite the bitter gall of the fish are always people who wants to try. Good at fish bile extremely dangerous, vulnerable to lead poisoning, and even life-threatening.

Experts point out that fish contain water-soluble bile, "Carp alcohol sulfate sodium" and is highly toxic toxins, these toxins not only heat, they will not be damaged by alcohol, so regardless of cooked fish gall bladder, swallow, or wine to send clothes, poisoning can occur.

Fish gall bladder poisoning incidence of fast, dangerous condition, a high fatality rate. The lesser of the performance of poisoning are nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms, severe liver will appear large, jaundice, liver tenderness, oliguria or no urine, pain and other symptoms of renal area call-in, if the rescue is not timely, may cause liver renal failure and ultimately death.

The patients in general and the degree of poisoning and the number of fish gall bladder bile, and therefore easier to eat larger fish gall bladder poisoning occurred.


Individuals must not good at eating fish guts, the meat of patients required to be reasonable under the guidance of the Chinese medicine intake.

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