Thursday, January 14, 2010

Beauty-conscious women every day to eat food

Beauty of a woman's body every day for their efforts, and now recommends five kinds of women can make you healthy (healthy food) the food bar!

1 papaya - a tropical fruit (fruit food) contains vitamins (vitamin foods) C is the orange 2 times. Vitamin C can resist the gallbladder disease. A medium size, about 300 grams of papaya, containing 188 milligrams of vitamin C, the body's best source of vitamin C,.

2, linseed - bakers often use this nut seeds to increase food flavor and beauty. Scientists believe that such a small brown seeds are rich in a kind of estrogen compounds, can effectively prevent breast cancer. Breast Cancer experts said that in the diet of women suffering from breast cancer with linseed survey results showed: Flaxseed is very obviously slowed tumor growth.

3, tofu - soy protein can reduce the amount of foods that are high cholesterol, but also women menopause (menopause food) to reduce hot flashes response to a minimum, at the same time enable robust bones. Because in the beans from a chemical reaction inside the flavonoids in the structure of estrogen similar to 50-76 mg daily intake of flavonoids can reduce menopausal hot flushes and response, and a small cup of tofu contains 25-35 mg of flavonoids on the prime. Therefore, the milk of women survive the menopause more useful.

4, beef - as women have a long life, menstrual period, which makes them more likely than men anemia. Low iron content in the blood, can cause severe fatigue. If you want to get enough iron, eating beef is a good way. 100 grams of raw beef where there are at least 3 mg of iron (iron food), while beef is low in fat, both increase the energy (energy food) also inhibited body weight. For women (female food), it is definitely a great ability to supplements.

5, cabbage leaves - a humble vegetables (vegetables, food products) can help people to stay away from osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is older (old-age food) women prone to a disease. Edible cabbage leaf, in addition to a large number from the intake of calcium (calcium foods), vitamin D beyond, but also intake of vitamin K, foods nutritionists said that vitamin K on bone has a strong protective effect

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